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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Report

January 06, 2022

Over the years, while providing high-quality weaving machine products to global customers, Haijia Machinery has also integrated social responsibility with its corporate strategy, actively fulfilling social responsibility while the company continues to develop healthily; actively deploying and promoting the harmonious development of the company with society and the environment, establishing and improving the company's social responsibility work organization and system system, taking safe production, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources as the most We actively invest in improving equipment and production intelligence; we identify risks to the society and environment that may be caused by our products, services and operations, and actively formulate targeted countermeasures.

Haijia Machinery has been honored as an excellent enterprise of green and clean production in China's chemical fiber weaving industry, Qingdao City contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise, Qingdao City integrity enterprise, 2017 advanced unit of safety production at the grassroots level, and excellent unit of talent growth in China's textile industry.

"Sustainable development" is part of corporate social responsibility, and Haijia Group has always focused on combining social responsibility with the long-term development strategy of the enterprise, emphasizing the concern for human values in the production process and the contribution to customers, the environment and society. Through continuous technological innovation, Haijia Group has reduced all aspects of production activities and possible pollution to the environment, lowered energy consumption, saved resources, and also reduced production costs, making Haijia brand more competitive.

It is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation to be charitable and to help the poor, and it is also a concrete embodiment of the core socialist values. Social welfare is the inheritance and promotion of this traditional virtue and core values in contemporary society. Haijia Group actively participates in social welfare undertakings, makes use of its own resources and technical advantages, formulates systematic and perfect corporate public welfare strategies according to its product structure and business characteristics, helps people in backward areas to develop education, social security and medical and health care through philanthropic acts while establishing a correct view of public welfare, enthusiastically participates in social welfare and donation activities, adheres to the virtue and goodwill of the world, and uses Responsibility and public welfare to feed the community, help the backward areas to gradually develop social undertakings, and jointly create a good social welfare environment.

Eight social responsibilities of Haijia Machinery Group

1. To undertake the responsibility of ensuring the value of the product with integrity and courtesy

2. Undertake the responsibility of scientific development and tax payment

3. Undertake the responsibility of sustainable development and resource conservation

4.Responsibility for protecting the environment and maintaining the harmony of nature

5. Undertake the responsibility of public products and cultural construction

6. Undertake the responsibility of helping the poor and developing charitable causes

7. Undertake the responsibility of protecting the health of employees and ensuring their treatment

8. Undertake the responsibility of developing science and technology and creating independent intellectual property rights