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Qingdao Haijia Machinery: Innovative Gene Implanted Water-Jet Loom

April 27, 2022

Talking with Wang Anjian, chairman of Qingdao Haijia Machinery Co., Ltd., his modesty, restraint, low-key and easygoing left a very deep impression on the reporter, and he was always inseparable from "Qingdao Haijia". For Qingdao Haijia, he has a deep feeling that no one else can understand. He is even more proud of Qingdao Haijia's products: since Qingdao Haijia was established in 1995, the company has insisted on making water jet looms refined and specialized in the past 17 years, from the selection of raw materials, the research and development of new technologies, and the selection of talents. From training to the application of processing equipment, we continue to innovate, only to ensure the first-class quality of the final product and to provide the most reliable guarantee for user enterprises. 

 After so many years of research and development, on the basis that the water jet loom is sufficiently mature, Qingdao Haijia started the research and development of the air jet loom at the same time. After years of research and development and accumulation, the company launched a high-quality air jet loom this year.  

  "This year, the total sales volume of Qingdao Haijia's water-jet looms and air-jet looms still maintains a strong upward momentum. Up to now, according to the signed orders and sales volume, it has reached the predetermined target of 6,000 units at the beginning of this year." This data Let the industry look at Qingdao Haijia with admiration again.   

 In June of this year, Qingdao Haijia HJA-N series air-jet looms were launched, which caused a lot of repercussions in the industry. With advanced technology and stable performance, more than 30 large and small inspection groups were received in 4 months. The first batch of orders was signed for more than 300 units.   

 Seize the opportunity, technological innovation, products always occupy the market  

  "Continuous innovation is the key to Qingdao Haijia's steady growth, and it is also a huge driving force for Qingdao Haijia's rapid and healthy development." In Wang Anjian's view, the more economic downturn is, the more opportunity is for enterprise R&D innovation. During the economic downturn, companies have fewer orders, and they can have more time and energy to devote themselves to the research and development of new technologies.   

 As early as 2002, Qingdao Haijia seized the SARS period and carried out intensive research and development, and successfully launched the HJ-851 series of water jet looms, which were unanimously recognized by the market and quickly occupied a place in the water jet loom market. Subsequently, the company successfully launched the HJ-408 series of high-speed heavy-duty water-jet looms, which aroused considerable market repercussions.    During the economic depression in 2008, Qingdao Haijia combined the advantages of HJ-851 and HJ-408 models to develop a more cost-effective model HJ-873 series, which once again successfully walked in the forefront of the market, making Qingdao Hai Jia has reached a new level.   

 In the first half of this year, with the changes in the market environment, Qingdao Haijia increased its research and development efforts and entered the air-jet loom market, which was recognized by the market.   

 Wang Anjian told reporters that the company expects that the market demand for air-jet looms will increase from 2013 to 2014, so this year, Haijia has increased investment in product technology research and development. Due to product upgrades and market requirements, Haijia has improved the traditional air-jet loom structure to make it more suitable for customers' needs, and has applied for technical patents. He also emphasized that although the water jet loom has become more and more mature, the competition in the industry has always been there. Haijia will still maintain its traditional advantages and do a good job in the research and development of water jet loom technology.    

Introduce senior talents and motivate employees to participate in product innovation  

  In recent years, in order to inject new vitality into enterprise development and product innovation, Qingdao Haijia has not only invested tens of millions of yuan in imported production equipment, but also has a new way of thinking in the talent structure.    

In Wang Anjian's view, Haijia has developed to today's scale and gained popularity in the Chinese textile machinery market. Growth and glory.    "

Qingdao Haijia's goal is to use the best equipment and the best team to create the best products." Wang Anjian believes that the innovation of talent structure is the source of all innovations in the enterprise. Although Qingdao Haijia is a family business, Haijia's employment system is fair, competitive and competent. At present, Qingdao Haijia does not have a family member in key positions, including general manager, sales director, R&D chief engineer, production vice president, financial director, HR & administrative supervisor and other important positions are high-paying industry senior talents.    

In Qingdao Haijia, every employee has the environment and right to "freely think and express". It is particularly worth mentioning that Qingdao Haijia's innovation management platform and reward mechanism. For example, employees renovate old equipment and idle equipment according to their own experience; they have new suggestions on how to improve efficiency at work; they have new ideas and new inventions in the production process. Once adopted, not only material Rewards are also named after the employee. Even if some ideas do not reach the level of adoption, employees will receive encouragement awards after being reviewed by relevant departments. In this way, the enthusiasm of employees is fully mobilized, and innovative ideas are transformed into practical values.    "

We encourage innovative ideas, and we put more emphasis on transforming innovative ideas into real value. Only innovation that can bring value to the enterprise is effective innovation." Wang Anjian said. Because of this, for 17 years, Qingdao Haijia's products have maintained the industry-leading technical level and superior cost performance.    

Innovative business philosophy 

"quality" and "quantity" contradiction and unity 

   An excellent entrepreneur will have his own set of ideas. Regarding the issue of quantitative production, Wang Anjian has his own business philosophy. In his opinion, "quality" and "quantity" are contradictory. To ensure quality, we must control Good yield.   

In fact, during the period of 2010-2011, Qingdao Haijia had the opportunity to do mass production, but in the end, it did not choose "quantity" and still insisted on "quality". Wang Anjian said that when an enterprise achieves a certain stage, it is not how much money it makes, but how to make the product well. On the premise of keeping "quantity", insisting on quality innovation is the development idea of Haijia.  

  The same goes for the air-jet looms the company launched in June this year. Once the air-jet loom was launched, it was well received by customers, but Qingdao Haijia adhered to the principle of "quality is the foundation" and planned to achieve a monthly output of 150-200 air-jet looms. Limiting the output is for better development, just to make the product "fine", so that the air-jet and water-jet looms can fly together.    

Wang Anjian told reporters that if an enterprise wants to develop for a long time, it must be trusted by users. Over the past 17 years, Qingdao Haijia has always adhered to the principle of "quality is like gold", and has always been talking about product quality.

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