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China-India Textile Exchange (1) Awesome! More than 30 Indian textile companies visited China, and Haijia opened the exhibition to the factory!

May 11, 2017

On May 11, 41 representatives of textile enterprises from India visited Qingdao Haijia Machinery Co., Ltd. The mighty Indian customer group visited Haijia Machinery for more than two hours to learn more about the water spray and air jet of Haijia Machinery. Loom production and assembly, quality control and other production processes. In order to help the visiting merchants have a deeper understanding of the configuration and performance of various types of looms in Haijia, Haijia also specially arranged for technical personnel to answer questions on the spot.

During the visit, many Indian customers gave a thumbs up to the production assembly and quality control of Haijia Machinery. Some customers said that after seeing the production site of Haijia, he felt more at ease about handing over the order to Haijia. I would like to recommend such a good device as Haijia to more friends around me.

In fact, their five-day expedition started last night. At the "Sino-India Textile Enterprise Interactive Exchange Meeting" held last night, Liao Menghu, vice president of China Filament Weaving Association, briefly introduced the general situation of the Filament Association and the domestic filament weaving industry, and gave a brief introduction to Haijia's development of the industry. Contribution is fully affirmed.

Wang Anjian, chairman of Qingdao Haijia Machinery Co., Ltd., introduced the basic situation of Haijia Machinery to friends from India, and shared his understanding and analysis of the Indian market at the meeting.

Wang Anjian pointed out that as the world's second most populous country, India's demand for textiles still mainly depends on imports. In recent years, the country's economic development has been accelerating, the textile industry has also achieved rapid development, and the share of its products in the international market has continued to increase. With the increasing support of the Indian government to the textile industry year by year, coupled with India's vast domestic demand market and cost advantages in labor and raw materials, the development of India's textile industry will maintain a good growth rate and its industrial competitiveness will gradually improve.

Wang Anjian said that Haijia attaches great importance to the Indian market. Since 2014, it has formulated many strategies specifically for the Indian market: first, low-profit sales. For the Indian market in the past three years and the next three years, Haijia does not value profit; secondly, quality is the first. All the looms exported by Haijia to India have the same standard in the domestic market, and provide high-quality water-jet looms and air-jet looms to the vast number of Indian customers; third, strengthen services. Haijia will strive to improve the quality and speed of after-sales service in the Indian market, and bring high-quality services to customers; fourth, choose excellent and responsible agents.

Wang Anjian also expressed the hope that through this interaction between China and India, a deeper level of cooperation between the two sides will be opened, and interaction and understanding will be strengthened.

In his speech at the event, the representative of Haijia's management team, Takechi Kiyotaka from Japan, briefly introduced his career in the textile industry and shared his knowledge of China's textile machinery enterprises.

According to reports, he once worked in a factory producing textile machinery parts and was fully responsible for product development and quality management. In quality management, has many years of work experience. After resigning from the workplace where he worked for 23 years, he entered the management of Haijia with years of work experience and was engaged in guiding quality management. Wu Zhiqingxiao started working in Haijia in October last year. During more than half a year of work, through continuous communication with the entire team, he has a deeper understanding of Haijia. Haijia Machinery has been selling for more than ten years in China. It ranks first in terms of volume, and currently accounts for more than 20% of the global market share, with sales strength unmatched by other companies. The company has introduced advanced production equipment from Japan and South Korea, and has a stronger production capacity than Japan. "My goal is to surpass Tsudakoma, bring the quality requirements and concepts of Japanese companies to Haijia, and work with the excellent employees gathered in Haijia to improve our quality with practical actions. From equipment research and development to production , sales and after-sales service, and implement quality management in all aspects." Wu Zhiqingxiao firmly believes that Haican can produce equipment that is far superior to other companies in terms of quality, price, and delivery time to satisfy customers. He is confident that he will be able to produce a product comparable to similar equipment in Japan in 3 years.

At the event site, in recognition of the efforts and achievements made by the Indian agent Kedia Sandip in the promotion of Haijia products and technologies in the past, Haijia authorized Go Tex Machineries to be the general agent of Qingdao Haijia Machinery Co., Ltd. in the Indian market and the exclusive agent in Surat area. Agent, the authorization is valid from May 2017 to May 2020. Haijia Chairman Wang Anjian issued a certificate of authorization to Kedia Sandip and its partner KukadiyaGhanshyam Bhai Jivray Bhai.

At the event, representatives of Indian textile companies also made positive speeches, introducing the company's situation, sharing the experience of using equipment and evaluating Haijia equipment.

According to ANBHAN HARSHIL KUMAR BHAGWANBHAI, Chairman of JIGITA FABRICS, the company currently has 96 water jet looms from different brands, and the company will expand its business in the future. Various exhibitions. "But until I saw that my relatives bought the Haijia water jet loom, my research was over. I am very grateful to the agent for introducing the Haijia loom to me in Surat, and for introducing me to the Haijia loom. quality and service, and I have seen the operation of the equipment in the local factory. Now it can be said that I have a better understanding of the Haijia loom and the equipment of other factories. I have developed a strong interest in the Haijia loom, so this time I decided to Come to China to see the situation of Haijia with your own eyes, and plan to install another 100 high-quality water jet looms."

GOTI ANILBHAI BACHUBHAI, chairman of SHUBHLAXMI FAB, also took over the company's situation during the exchange. "At present, we have 24 Haijia looms running in the factory, and I am planning to continue to expand operations and occupy a larger market, so many suppliers contact me about the purchase plan of water jet looms, but we already have Haijia looms , no need to contact other suppliers. I believe that Haijia's machines are undisputed excellent equipment, so I placed an order for 28 more units. This time I came to China and hoped to know Haijia's production and service personally. I also hope to continue to receive the best quality and service from Haijia."

MANGALAM Group is located in Surat, Gujarat, India. It was established in the 1880s. According to the company's general manager, BIYANI SIDDHARTH VINOD, the company's main business focuses on the production of saris and chemical fiber products, and expanded to the textile industry in 2012. , The output of water jet looms has reached 70,000 meters per day. We started using Haijia's equipment two years ago, and we have rich experience in the use of high-quality water jet looms. In my opinion, the machines provided by Haijia are the best in terms of configuration and quality, and the after-sales service is also in place in a timely manner, which is the best in the market. We are honored to recommend the looms of Haijia Machinery to our peers.

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