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China-India Textile Exchange (3) More than 40 Indian companies continue to “learn from the past” on behalf of China, and visit the three advantageous companies of Huichuan, Baolu and Fuhua in one day!

May 13, 2017

Today, the China-India Textile Exchange Conference is still in full swing, and three representative enterprises, including Suzhou Huichuan Technology Co., Ltd., Baolu Textile (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and Wujiang Fuhua Weaving Co., Ltd., have been continuously visited.

1 Inovance Technology

At Inovance Technology, Indian companies refreshed their understanding of Chinese electronic control companies, and for the first time systematically understood the achievements and capabilities of Chinese electronic control companies.

The neat workshop, the orderly operation of the AGV car, the standardized management and the strictly dressed staff, all these made the Indian textile representative continue to feel "unbelievable". One of the representatives said that he had seen the most beautiful and standardized factory in Huichuan, and he was pleasantly surprised by such electronic control in China.

At the symposium, they were eager to get to know the Chinese electronic control supplier and raised many questions. For example, did the electronic control design take into account the differences in workshop temperature and humidity between India and China? What are the performance advantages compared with similar equipment? Is there any advantage in cost performance? etc.

2 Baolu Textile

Baolu Textile (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has 12 slit warping machines, 128 double twisting machines, and 568 looms, mainly producing high-end women's clothing fabrics. Good, the two sides have cooperated for many years. Now, every day, the 105,000-kilometer cloth produced by Suzhou Baolu can be picked up on the same day, and the business is very good.

It is understood that Baolu has cooperated with Hangzhou Keming Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the world's first Internet of Things ERP management system since 2015. The operation of this system has fundamentally changed the management mode of traditional textile enterprises, making Baolu The internal management of textiles has been at the advanced level of more than 2 years ahead of peer textile enterprises.

3 Howard Family

Howard Family currently has more than 3,000 looms with a daily output of 500,000 meters of cloth. The workshop of Fuhua Shijia is well-organized, and all the products weaving are high value-added products. At present, Fuhua has 4 automatic warping machines, which have saved most of the labor. After purchasing 3 more machines for installation, the number of personnel will be greatly reduced.

It is understood that since the cooperation with Haijia, it has been using Haijia machines to produce high value-added fabrics. One meter of double-layer fabric for down jackets is worth more than 30 yuan. At present, the 8100 models that are being tested are running well. Next, more than 200 Haijia 8100s will enter the Fuhua workshop in batches.

Today, the Easter eggs at the end of the article continue. The young Indian buddies met a couple of newlyweds at lunch time. They were curiously competing to take pictures, as if they had met a star. Facing the sudden "fans", the bride had to cooperate.