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Warmly congratulate the headquarters of Haijia Machinery Group and the official operation of Huangshan intelligent manufacturing factory

July 05, 2022

Start a new journey, build a new future

-------Casting brand with craftsmanship, witnessing strength with quality

Since the establishment of Haijia Machinery, step by step, strive for excellence, single-mindedly focus on the field of shuttleless loom, 27 years have achieved brilliant results. With the growing scale of the enterprise, Haijia Machinery formally group operation, today June 20, 2022, Huangshan intelligent manufacturing factory successfully operation start, while Haijia Machinery Group headquarters moved into the new Haijia office building.


The relocation not only provides a good working environment for the staff, but also reflects the group development of the company to a new level.

Office cornerbby on the first floor

First Floor Lobby

Look at this day, we build our dreams forward, and wish the future, we achieve our dreams.


On the occasion of the company's relocation, we sincerely thank our  customers and friends, partners and leaders of authorities at all levels for their support and love, and hope we can make progress together, start a new journey and build a new future.

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