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《Qingdao Talent Story》Wang Anjian: 26 years of forging the world's first loom

February 14, 2022

In 1995, a 26-year-old aspiring young man, with 2,000 yuan in his pocket, returned from the capital Beijing to Jiaonan Wangtai to start his own business.

Wang Anjian: Starting from scratch, I only had 2,000 yuan in my hand when I started the business, but because I rented a house for 2,400 yuan for doing trade, I was still in debt, and it was very difficult at that time.

In 2001, he saw the right moment and invested all his money to establish Qingdao Haijia Machinery. At that time, he wanted to make the best textile machine in China.

Wang Anjian: We saw the competitive advantage of China's textile industry in the future, and at that time, we made a few millions, so we invested all in the production of the whole machine. At that time, I didn't think about failure, I didn't think it would fail.

20 years later, his production of water jet loom has accounted for 20% of the global share. For ten consecutive years, it has been ranked as the world leader.

Wang Anjian: never put the money, profit on the primary consideration of a position, we first consider how I can do a good job of this product, how can I make this product to our customers to create greater value.

Qingdao Haijia Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a private enterprise, is the industry "invisible champion", the founder is Wang Anjian, today, let's listen to his wonderful entrepreneurial story.

Wang Anjian: Our main business is to produce water jet looms and air jet looms. The world's largest textile companies such as Toray and so on have chosen Haijia's water jet looms. Japanese companies have very high requirements for the performance of looms in all aspects, and they use data to speak, the stability of your equipment, your speed, the quality of your fabric, the evaluation of the life of use, and all aspects of data it is very strict. Being able to enter these famous enterprises in Japan shows that the quality of our Haijia is still trustworthy and very high.

In the early 1990s, Jiaonan Wangtai was a famous textile machinery town in China. There were nearly 1,000 spinning machine enterprises at the peak. Wang Anjian was born here. When he joined the work in a state-owned textile factory in Beijing office, five years of work in Beijing, let Wang Anjian opened his eyes, but also strengthen the courage, in 1995, with 2000 yuan, he went home to start his own business.

Wang Anjian: The first year was very difficult for us, as we started from a small trade with three people and hired two people. Doing this accessory, we almost did not open for half a year, after receiving a few orders in the second half of the year, we gradually have the information, the financial pressure is also solved, and gradually developed.

Doing trade to earn the difference is the livelihood of many small workshops and small individuals in Wangtai town, but this is not what Wang Anjian wants most, he has always had a dream in his heart, to do something big. In 2001, Qingdao Haijia Machinery Co.

Wang Anjian: In 2001, state-owned textile mills were basically going downhill, and at that time, it happened that China joined the WTO organization, the whole Chinese manufacturing industry we see the future is still very bright, we think that China's private enterprises will have a wave of rapid development, we seized this opportunity, we decided to produce the whole machine.

We decided to produce the whole machine. We saw the right time and invested all our belongings. Wang Anjian made a tough move. He did not leave himself a way out.

Wang Anjian: There is no back road, and I think there is no back road in business. As long as you are serious about doing something, I believe it will be successful. Especially in that environment, that opportunity is still very big.

After repeatedly analyzing the market, he decided to start with quality and be strict with every part. At that time, Wang Anjian had a heart to reach the top. He wanted to be the No.1 brand of global loom.

Wang Anjian: What kind of products we want to make and what our company will be in the future, we were thinking and considering at that time. We pay great attention to quality when we enter the whole machine market. I have the deepest impression is that Shaoxing a parts seller introduced us to an order of 222 units, sent to Guangdong Jieyang that place, at that time because our sales price is unified, he set the order and then passed to us, but he did not take into account that the shipping costs in Guangdong to increase 1500 yuan, our profit at that time is 3000 yuan, so at that time Shaoxing parts seller proposed that You reduce the configuration, the bearings do not need to use imported, can save a lot of costs. We were determined not to reduce any configuration, or according to our standards, the equipment sent to the customer (there), we may earn a little less money, but still got the customer a recognition.

During 2004-2007, the spinning machine market competition was extremely fierce, in order to seize the market, each companies started a price war, competing with each other to compete with the price, who is the lowest, in the face of the fierce and disorderly price war, Wang Anjian started another stove, led Haijia to play a value war. This war became famous at once. It is also known as a classic case inside and outside the industry, and this battle also laid the brand and quality of HAIJIA in the industry, and moved towards the industry leader.

Wang Anjian: Our equipment itself is made of steel, as long as you play the price war, everyone will think of ways to reduce the material. At that time, a customer reflected that your Haijia's equipment is so heavy. The customer was a transporter, and said that he had to pay a lot of money for the road toll, and you HAIJIA had to adjust the price for us. I said how much is the difference? He said: Your equipment may be 300~500kg, saying that we have to pay a lot more for the road toll. We realized at that time that everyone is reducing the weight of this material in order to reduce the cost. We are very insistent on our quality standard, we will not go to reduce the quality, we will not go to reduce the weight. HAIJIA will not do that, and never will.

This physical battle made Wang Anjian deeply understand the essence of enterprise competition, and he put his mind almost all on people. 2003, he brought in expert talents from Japan into the enterprise, and the standardized management mode of Japanese enterprises at that time brought a great transformation to the team of Haijia. 2010 onwards, his main work is only one: "team building ". To discover talents, introduce talents and retain talents.

Wang Anjian: If we say that Haijia has come to today let me talk about my feelings, which aspect is the most successful for me? It is team building. One of the fundamentals of enterprise competition is talent. To really do a good job in a product, hardware is indispensable, but the whole team, talent, which is the most important. After the price war, we want to reflect our products more of a value, the brand is the life of an enterprise, no brand, your business will not go far.

In fact, we have always insisted that the product to the extreme, how can we do the extreme? (Brand) construction, the industry's talent we continue to collect, but also continue to introduce. The whole process is still very tortuous, or very tortuous, because we want to introduce talent, it is not so simple, just like a person climbing the stairs is the same, you must be a step by step to work hard. High-end talent is difficult to enter a company that does not match him, our company is constantly progressing, but also constantly optimizing our team, constantly optimizing our technical team, management team, you only have talent, a good team, you can make good products, and then your brand will slowly show the advantages.

The construction of talent echelon has laid a good foundation for the next leap forward development of Haijia. Wang Anjian believes in young people and gives them a lot of opportunities and room for growth. In Haijia, we must let them bring out their maximum ability, and Wang Anjian proposes to himself to take a big step back.

Wang Anjian: The new factories in Haijia are basically young people, and 90% of our recruits are fresh graduates. Sometimes we put them on the production line, we find out who is suitable for marketing, who is suitable for technology, who is suitable for management, we will focus on finding and training.

To let my team play their (young people) ability, I must stand back, I must constantly stand back. In fact, in the process of standing back, I found that the young people in my team have a lot of energy to release, if I stand in front of them completely covered up. The plan is to step back a bit more. They have a better kind of thinking, because innovation in management or innovation in technology, it is totally different from us.

At present, Qingdao Haijia has 57 authorized independent intellectual property rights, and in 2019, it passed the pilot demonstration project of "Modern Advantageous Industrial Cluster + Artificial Intelligence" of Shandong Province Department of Industry and Information Technology. What kind of enterprise is Haijia going to be and where is it going to be? Wang Anjian thought very clearly.

Wang Anjian: We have always proposed a healthy and sustainable development, in fact, Haijia has never pursued big, we have always pursued health, we must have better blood-making function to create value for ourselves. We have been focusing on looms in this industry, and we have continued to invest in the industry, and then we have always wanted to be the best loom brand in the world, including the construction of our new factory, we are working hard towards this stage.

In 2018, Haijia put out 300 million yuan of its own capital, covering an area of 80 acres, and commissioned Siemens to carry out the planning of the whole-process production model and make a big effort to build an information-based intelligent factory. This project is listed as a demonstration project of intelligent manufacturing in China by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Wang Anjian: Century Haijia factory is an upgraded version of Haijia, a transformation, a future development trend of our whole industry, the whole manufacturing industry. Our hardware and software are the most advanced in the world, and we are preparing for an intelligent factory in the future. What we can do is to provide our standard, so that the whole industry can build and do according to our standard. (If we compare Century Helga to a young man, he is a high achiever, a high achiever from a famous university, very capable, very thinking and very passionate. He wants to do better.

From a small family workshop to an excellent private enterprise with more than 600 people, the leader has his own idols, and Wang Anjian is no exception. In the face of higher requirements and goals, he will also confess his shortage.

Wang Anjian: What really touches me in doing business, what I admire most is Huawei Ren Zhengfei, the enterprise, the business philosophy, the wolf management culture, which actually gives us a great inspiration. If you want to do better and go higher in this industry, your team needs wolfishness. We have wolf spirit, but this wolf spirit is still a bit lacking. Now my position is: let the young people play better and let them do more things.

Some people say that Wang Anjian does not recognize any of his relatives in the company, and none of them are his own people.

Wang Anjian: My relatives, my friends, my family, I am not allowed to participate in the management of the whole team and the supply chain. I am very taboo. The real enterprise development to a certain scale, should try to avoid the family management, or rely on the system, rely on the process to manage the enterprise, it does not matter who it is.

After 26 years of Haijia machinery, no diversification, focus on a field of intensive work, Wang Anjian this head of some deep rooted. But he insisted that if he spread his energy, Haijia would not have today. It is because of this perseverance, the road behind, the wider the road.

Wang Anjian: Next year we plan to enter a (listed) counseling period, or want to empower our enterprise through listing, or more consideration of a brand building, team building. This empowerment in my understanding, he can provide me with a lot of energy. For example, you can have equity incentive by going public, and then the brand building and publicity can provide us with a lot of help, including the enhancement of our whole team, our whole thinking, our whole strategic height may change.

The pace of enterprise innovation cannot stop for a moment, and the founder is the leading wolf. "There is no immortal enterprise in the world", if we must add a deadline to HAIJIA, Wang Anjian hopes it will be 100 years.

Wang Anjian: I always think that the life of an enterprise is the same as the life of a person, both have cycles, but what we can do is: how to make the life of our enterprise longer and longer. I often say that we must consider how HAIJIA will die in the future, only when you have this sense of crisis, we can better consider how to do some basic work. I think Haijia should at least be a hundred-year enterprise.

With 26 years of perseverance, we will continue to move forward. From a small workshop to an industry leader, Wang Anjian's entrepreneurial experience is not only the development history of Haijia, but also a microcosm of the development of Chinese private enterprises, which accompanies the reform and opening up of China, the economic wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, and draws the majestic blueprint of this generation of entrepreneurs. Kudos! In this era, every passionate runner.