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Integrity Compliance

Integrity And Compliance

January 06, 2022

Haijia Machinery adheres to the principle of legal compliance management, adheres to the "sunshine" work guidelines, is committed to honesty and trustworthiness, quality management, in business relations with customers, business partners and other relevant parties, strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, follow the code of business conduct and Haijia Machinery monitoring and management regulations.

Based on the close combination of internal control management and external supervision, Haijia Machinery cultivates good professional ethical concepts of all employees, insists on correct professional ethics, strengthens system construction and restraint, and never tolerates any unethical or illegal behavior of employees in business dealings with external partners. If you have any questions about Haijia Machinery's business practices, or wish to report any suspicious incidents about Haijia Machinery's employees suspected of unethical or unlawful behavior, you are welcome to contact Haijia Machinery's Audit and Supervision Department at any time. And we recommend that you leave detailed information including name, contact information, details of suspected unethical or unlawful suspicious behavior when you make a complaint or reflect a problem, so that we can contact and investigate with you directly if necessary, and ensure that all investigations will be based on legal compliance. We will handle all inquiries and reports carefully, and make every effort to ensure the confidentiality of inquiries and reports within the scope of laws and regulations.

HAIJIA Machinery Audit and Supervision Department E-mail: yanyuling@qdhaijia.net

The above contact method is only applicable to inquiries or reports involving the integrity or unethical and illegal issues of HAIJIA Machinery employees.