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Case sharing:《 Toray of Japan purchases Looms from China for the first time! Haijia subvert traditional perception with strength!》

Source: January 26, 2022 16:30 Textile Machinery

In the workshop of Toray Wine Weaving and Dyeing (Nantong) Co., LTD., the core part of Toray Group's Nantong industrial base, the first batch of HW8010 high-speed and high-density water-jet looms from Haijia Machinery are running stably at high speed.

Such a seemingly ordinary production picture has the significance of a milestone. This is the first batch of orders signed by Hai Jia Machinery and Toray Japan, and the first time that Toray Japan purchases equipment outside Japan. It is also the first time that Chinese loom is recognized by first-class customers in Japan.

Toray Group of Japan plays an important role in the global textile industry. As toray's production base in China, Nantong carries out a series of production and processing from silk making, weaving, dyeing to post-processing. Launched in April 1996, Dongri has made full use of various favorable conditions to continuously produce high-performance and high-quality fabrics, and has been fully recognized by customers from all over the world.

In recent years, China's consumer market is moving toward high-end, and enterprises are more pursuing high-end products or markets, constantly strengthening investment in RESEARCH and innovation, which has attracted many foreign investment. Toray Group of Japan has also seen this development trend, and attaches more importance to its layout in the Chinese market.

As a leading enterprise in China's textile machinery industry, Haijia Machinery is a typical representative of the high-end evolution of China's textile machinery industry. The continuous deep cultivation in the field of weaving machinery has enabled them to reach strategic cooperation with hengli Group and other well-known enterprises. , in particular, the beautiful sea in 2019 started the construction of the Qingdao century shanghaiyijia machinery co., LTD. Intelligent textile machinery manufacturing factory project, realize the whole production process information management, standardized operation capacity significantly increased, product quality level will increase steadily, and significantly shorten the manufacturing cycle, capable of producing 10000 sets of high-end shuttleless loom's ability. Shijihaijia standardized intelligent assembly line production mode is not only suitable for mass production, but also can meet the individual requirements of multiple varieties, small batch, high quality and short delivery time, which promotes the innovation of industry technology and management.

Relying on the Internet of things and other modern information technology, combined with green lean production concept, Century Haijia Intelligent factory has realized the transformation and upgrading of textile machinery production and manufacturing, and is committed to building an information-based intelligent shuttleless loom production base, which has enhanced the strength and confidence of Haijia to talk to world-class customers.

It is understood that before choosing to cooperate with Haijia, Japan Toray Liquor Yi specially organized an expert team to conduct in-depth field investigation and exchange, and affirmed haijia's production capacity and level. The smooth delivery of the first order signed with Toray wine is the best interpretation of the mechanical strength of Haijia. After all, Japanese enterprises have very strict performance requirements on all aspects of loom, and have clear data requirements on various indicators. It is impossible to become toray's equipment supplier without extensive market influence and excellent strength.

According to introducing, the sea better for toray wine, this batch of orders, the use of new materials, new technology in parts machining, meet the adaptability of different fabric weaving design, equipment such as safety and reliability improvement for the specialized design, development and application of targeted, and on this basis, to improve the appearance of the equipment and performance improving, make the further enhance the comprehensive quality of the product.After the successful delivery of the loom with quality and quantity guaranteed, haijia machinery dispatched a professional after-sales service team to dongli Jiuyi for proper installation and debugging, and held a special technical exchange meeting with the technical personnel of the other party, so that they fully understand the maintenance and maintenance characteristics of Haijia Loom.


After more than a month's trial operation, it is found that all kinds of performances of Haijia loom meet the requirements completely, and even have certain advantages in speed and energy saving. This lets The Japanese enterprise to China loom had the great change!

For a long time, the quality of Japanese water loom has been popular among people. Owning Japanese water loom has even become a symbol of the strength of textile enterprises. International textile giants like Toray of Japan have always cooperated with local Loom manufacturers for a long time. The successful "hand in hand" between Toray and Haijia Machinery is of great significance to both sides. It is not only a milestone in the development of Haijia Machinery strength, but also another successful attempt for Toray to penetrate into the Chinese market, and a good beginning for Chinese textile machinery to enter the international high-end market!


Qingdao Century Haijia  Machinery Intelligent Manufacturing Factory Project, through the development of high-end shuttleless loom digital and standardized production process, digital production equipment system, the whole process information management system research, using ERP, OA, MES, PLM, WMS, digital twin, SLM, SCM, CRM and other information technology, Developed digital production process, digital production equipment, quality online monitoring and product services and other process standardized management system, the construction of an annual output of 10,000 high-end shuttleless loom digital intelligent manufacturing factory.