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Qingdao Century Haijia signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wujiang Pingwang General Chamber of Commerce

September 12, 2020

On September 11th, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Qingdao Century Haijia and Wujiang Pingwang General Chamber of Commerce was successfully held in Qingdao. Liu Jingran, General manager of Qingdao Haijia, and Wu Guiquan, secretary of Pingwang General Chamber of Commerce, signed the contract as representatives of both sides.

Wang Anjian, chairman of Qingdao Haijia Machinery, said in his speech that Pingwang Town General Chamber of Commerce is a very influential group in the textile industry. It has more than 650 textile enterprises and 55,000 water jet looms. Many textile enterprises are walking in the world textile industry. In the forefront of the industry, especially in recent years, under the leadership of the government and the chamber of commerce, the companies of the chamber of commerce have worked hard to continuously innovate and develop rapidly. Since its establishment in 1995, Haijia Machinery has been concentrating and focusing on the field of weaving machinery, and has been working hard for 25 years. It has always adhered to the development concept of Fair-and-Square, Indedicated, Innovation and Altruism, and strived to improve itself to provide high-quality water jet looms for the majority of textile enterprises. And air-jet looms, especially water-jet looms, have been leading the market share for many consecutive years. Creating greater value for customers is the magic weapon of Haijia looms that are deeply loved by the market. In June 2019, Haijia established a new factory to build the first high-end intelligent manufacturing shuttleless loom base in the industry. Siemens joint design, high standard, high starting point, will gradually realize standardization, digitization, informatization, automation, and develop towards interconnected intelligent manufacturing. It is planned to be put into operation in January 2021. Haijia will strive to climb the peak of the world's shuttleless looms with first-class factory and equipment, first-class team and software management.


Pingwang Chamber of Commerce organized a group to guide and sign a strategic cooperation agreement, which will establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship, promote the common development and progress of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, strengthen and expand the industrial chain, and create bright prospects for both sides.


Shen Chunrong, party secretary of Pingwang Town, said in his speech that after an in-depth understanding of Haijia, he found that its positioning and the whole development path are very clear, which is worth learning from the vice president of Pingwang Town General Chamber of Commerce.This year's economic situation is under great pressure, today Pingwang General Chamber of Commerce and Haijia Machinery signed a strategic cooperation agreement of extraordinary significance.

The unusual one is mainly reflected in two aspects:

First, both textile enterprises and textile machinery enterprises are facing great challenges at present. This signing means practicing the strategic positioning of "based on domestic big cycle and international and domestic double cycle promoting each other" proposed by the central government.

Second, the signing between the two sides is also of representative significance for the extension and promotion of the current industrial chain. As the saying goes, "extending chain, strengthening chain and strengthening chain to build the textile industry chain".Today, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement is also based on the current situation, to help enterprises to open a new bureau and grasp the opportunity.

In particular, our textile enterprises, we should seriously consider how to seize the current opportunity, file transformation, based on the enterprise itself to do better and stronger in-depth exploration.At present, there are about 55,000 shuttleless looms in Pingwang Town and about 300,000 looms in Wujiang area. The market opportunities brought by equipment elimination and renewal are huge, so the cooperation between the two sides has potential and space.Such strategic cooperation between enterprises and the chamber of commerce is not much in Wujiang area, which is an innovative move. I hope this move can help enterprises to rescue, seize the opportunity, and cross a new track to provide a good boost.


Liu Jingran, General manager of Haijia, introduced the enterprise and key products, so that everyone had a more systematic understanding of Haijia.Liu Jingran said that since its establishment, Haijia has been using sunshine culture, honest management, focusing on water jet, jet loom industry, continuous innovation, to make products conducive to customers to create value.Up to now, haijia machinery has produced a cumulative sales of more than 100,000 water-jet looms, more than 2,000 jet looms.The market share of Haijia water-jet loom has been leading for 8 consecutive years.

Liu Jingran mainly introduced the situation of the century Haijia factory.According to the introduction, the factory is the first shuttleless loom intelligent manufacturing factory in China, with an investment of 300 million yuan, which can achieve an annual production capacity of 10,000 high-end shuttleless looms.With the first class factory and hardware equipment, the first class team and software management, to create the world's best shuttleless loom.Now the Haijia factory positioning domestic high-end, Century Haijia positioning world-class, the goal is to do the best products.To this end, Haijia has built a group of teams separated from the current foundation, with a high starting point, and with the improvement of automation, the front-line employees will gradually decrease.


In addition, Liu Jingran also introduced the joint plant of Century Haijia, including automatic processing workshop, intelligent storage center, automatic transfer production line, as well as information details of the system


After the signing ceremony, the delegation composed of more than 30 customers also visited Qingdao Century Haijia new factory, Haijia intelligent painting line factory and Haijia Machinery Factory, and experienced Haijia manufacturing production, detail quality control and other aspects.

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