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Peer strength | Haijia Machinery: The big waves wash the sand and see the gold

November 16, 2020

Under the background of the era, the industry watershed has appeared, the market ecology has been reshaped, and the upstream and downstream leading players in the industry chain have gradually formed a strong alliance, and the same is true in the textile field. Advantageous companies like Qingdao Haijia Machinery Co., Ltd. are constantly changing lanes and transforming themselves.



In 2020, inspection!


Like most companies, 2020 is equally significant for Haijia Machinery.



In the first quarter of 2020, some orders were affected by the epidemic. In addition to the Spring Festival holiday, Haijia Machinery's production and sales decreased by 30% year-on-year. Fortunately, the national and local governments at all levels have issued a series of support policies in a timely manner, which has relieved some management costs and operating pressures for enterprises. "The outbreak of this epidemic has tested our company's own health and immunity to major events. Although it has also been impacted to a certain extent, it has little impact on Haijia's survival and development. The epidemic has strengthened our determination and perseverance in development."


In the view of Wang Anjian, chairman of Haijia Machinery, the reason why Haijia can withstand the impact of the epidemic and continue to develop healthily is inseparable from the company's long-term focus on value, shaping product cost-effectiveness and brand building.Over the years, Haijia Machinery has been benchmarking against outstanding Japanese companies, and has continuously organized management teams to visit and learn the management model of Japanese companies, and even hired two Japanese people to come to Haijia for management. The purpose is to learn better management concepts and put them The concept is integrated into Haijia's blood.


In addition to learning Japan on management mode and details, in terms of advanced technology, sea jia machinery also unswervingly go out, organize employees to Europe and visit, to the European high-end textile brand, according to the high-end market development trend and customer research and development demand, the United Nations well-known universities and industry associations of the key loom technology research and research, r & d cost from 3.5% to 8%.Such a drive is also rare.

It is understood that during the epidemic period, Haijia Machinery also had a profound thinking and discussion, and sorted out the future development of Haijia. The main work direction focused on the following aspects: First, focus on value.Reviewing and sorting out the mission, vision and core values of the enterprise, through sorting out the corporate culture and value system, more recognize and firm the development ideas of Haijia.Second, focus on development.It combed and discussed the operation mode of the enterprise, and some plans and adjustments were made for talent training, team building, technological innovation and product direction. Combined with domestic and foreign market demand research and the ideas of production generation, research and development generation and reserve generation, relevant work planning and development were made in advance.Third, to focus on the future.Century Haijia is a new company invested and established by Haijia Machinery in 2019. It is committed to building it into a digital production factory with an annual output of 10,000 high-end spindle-free looms, making the product performance reach the world's leading level, and promote and improve the overall level of intelligent weaving in the textile industry.



In this way, Haijia Machinery, as the invisible champion enterprise in the water-jet loom industry, has ranked first in the global market for 8 consecutive years. Its product technology has reached the world advanced level identified by industry experts, and it also has full confidence and capital.



Hengli 6000 orders is just the beginning!

In 2020, another thing to say is the order of 6,000 water-jet looms with Hengli Group."In Hengli Group's project, we signed a total of 6,000 water-jet looms.Among them, 1104 HW-8010-230,816 HW-8010-340, and 4080 HW-8010-360."Haijia machinery general manager Liu Jingran revealed.



It is not difficult to find that haijia machinery orders are basically concentrated in the field of wide machine.As we all know, the wider the equipment door width, the higher the technical content, especially the double-axle wide width loom, whether the manufacturing process requirements and installation difficulty are higher.But this doesn't have much pressure for Haijia machinery.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that the HW-8010 water jet loom involved in the Hengli order is a high-grade water jet loom developed for the advantages and disadvantages of the existing water jet loom, and the advantages of energy saving, low consumption, high efficiency and targeted variety adaptability.In the China National Textile and Textile Industry Federation held in May last year, experts unanimously evaluated that the overall technology of the model has reached the international advanced level.This model as early as 2017 when the batch into the market has been widely recognized by the Fuhua Family and other users, has a good "mass base".In the fierce PK of the "challenge competition" that Hengli Group lasted for more than two years, this model is far ahead in stability, vibration, boot efficiency, fabric A-class product rate and other indicators.

"Everyone thinks the device is a sign, but for us, this is just the beginning!We must achieve the most stable and best in the operation of the equipment, and then let the front-line staff using the equipment sincerely thumb up!"Liu Jingran believes that with strength to win the right to speak, is the sea jia machinery in the most correct posture.Haijia machinery will usher in the key to consolidate the "river and lake status" war.



The "four plans" define the strategy

In fact, as early as 2015, Haijia Machinery put forward the strategic development direction of "four plans", one "five" plan, one "three" plan and one 50 / 50 plan and 80 / 20 plan.The general development context of Haijia Machinery in recent years can be used with these "four plans" to summarize and review.

The so-called "five" plan, is from 2015 to 2020, single products reached the world advanced level, domestic and foreign market share is far ahead; a "three" plan, from 2017 to 2020, annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan; 50 / 50 plan, from 2015 to 2020, water loom domestic sales of 50%; 80 / 20 plan, water loom and jet loom revenue by 202080% and 20%.



In recent years, Haijia's development has been carried out and carried out closely around these "four plans". In terms of talent introduction, team building and brand building, in terms of technological innovation, management innovation, technology research and development, and product iteration, it is in the development of South Asia, In terms of international market share in Southeast Asia, North America, and Central America, it has made great efforts in intelligent factories and standardized construction, and has achieved some achievements, laying a solid foundation for the realization of the development goals of the "Four Plans".

Haijia is committed to building an excellent team with core competitiveness, building a global strategic pattern, establishing a global brand image of Haijia, and making domestic shuttleless looms "specialized, refined, and strong" with the spirit of craftsmanship. The borderless and cross-industry national-level major technical research project team integrates important technical strength and resources of universities and upstream and downstream industry chains, solves and tackles a series of "stuck neck" projects, and firmly develops towards Haijia's "Four Plans" goals and direction.

It is particularly worth mentioning that in 2020, Haijia has reorganized its corporate culture and unified its core values, taking "sunshine, focus, innovation, and altruism" as the core values of the company, and "providing competitive weaving solutions and Service - continue to create value for customers" as the corporate mission. This will become the driving force for Haijia to become more powerful.



Three-dimensional force to break through the value bottleneck

In fact, since its establishment, these years ago, Haijia has always adhered to the development concept of creating value for customers with quality, and put brand building in the first place. Through the introduction of technology, management talents and learning of advanced management concepts, it has made great breakthroughs in technological innovation, management innovation and intelligent research and exploration.

In terms of technological innovation: attach importance to the introduction of technical personnel, hire professional and technical personnel, build research and development technical team, strengthen cooperation with universities, and jointly carry out research and development and cooperation exchanges of scientific research projects.In the past five years, a total of 12 domestic invention patents, 45 utility model patents and 5 international invention patents have been realized.



In terms of management innovation, the development of enterprises cannot be separated from team building. In terms of talent introduction and cadre training, Haijia goes out, organizes domestic and foreign exhibitions and advanced intelligent manufacturing enterprises, learns new models, new ideas, new technologies and ideas, trains and selects internal lecturers, forms training and skill assessment promotion mechanism, introduces Japanese experts, carries out a series of lean production, process standardization, operation standardization and process standardization, and establishes a complete standardized management system.

In intelligent research and exploration: to "annual output of ten thousand high-end spindle-free loom intelligent factory" project, with Siemens, mechanical science, smart home and abroad famous enterprises and institutions, and donghua university, Tianjin industrial university, Qingdao university, xi'an engineering university and other professional universities to carry out the talent, technology and intelligent scientific research projects, and textile industry chain technical cooperation and development, actively participate in large domestic and foreign exhibitions and technical exchanges.



Smart factory landing

In June 2019, Qingdao Century Haijia Machinery Co., Ltd. textile machinery intelligent manufacturing factory project started construction, which is also an important strategic measure for Haijia Machinery to move to a higher level, and is a strong guarantee to enhance its product competitiveness and comprehensive strength.Century Haijia intelligent factory project invested 300 million yuan, will rely on modern information technology such as the Internet of Things and combine the concept of green lean production, realize the transformation and upgrading of textile machinery manufacturing, and build an information intelligent spindle-free loom production base.

Century Haijia is committed to building a digital production factory with an annual output of 10,000 high-end shuttleless looms. After completion, it can realize automatic production scheduling of high-end loom manufacturing process, interconnection of production equipment, automatic execution of production process, and whole production process. Informatization, through technical research and research and development of high-performance shuttleless looms and supporting devices, to build high-end shuttleless looms intelligent manufacturing factories, and further realize the performance improvement of domestic high-end shuttleless looms and supporting devices.

It is understood that Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. sorted out the company's business process and production process, on the basis of standardization, completed the pulsatile production mode planning, and gradually realized the lean production based on information and automation.The pull production mode will reduce intermediate inventory and improve production efficiency; to improve automation, adopt automatic stereo shelves and information management for the storage system, plan the functional zones to smooth and consider the processing and assembly reserve to ensure the later development space of the enterprise.At present, Haijia intelligent factory has been gradually transformed from thinking into reality, orderly landing.

"In late October, our customized six fully automatic flexible production lines from Mazak and Makino will be in place; the installation lines will also arrive at the same time for installation and commissioning." Liu Jingran told reporters that all hardware equipment of Century Haijia will be in place. Before November, the trial operation of the factory will be completed in January next year. By then, the production capacity of both Haijia and Century Haijia factories will reach 20,000 units, but Haijia Machinery is not in a hurry to release production capacity, but insists on quality-oriented and shapes the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

The market is ups and downs, and it is rare to have a stable and steady progress at your own pace, just like Haijia.

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