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HUAWEI CLOUD helps Century Haijia Machinery build a high-end shuttleless loom intelligent manufacturing benchmark factory

March 29, 2022

When it comes to intelligent manufacturing, there is no doubt that intelligence is the development direction of manufacturing automation, and artificial intelligence technology is widely used in all aspects of the manufacturing process.Ministry launched in 2015 "intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration special action", the purpose is to directly into the key link of manufacturing activities, fully arouse the enthusiasm of enterprises, pay attention to the growth of pilot demonstration projects, through the breakthrough, form effective experience and model, promotion and application in various fields of manufacturing industry.And from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" is the difficult problem faced by contemporary manufacturing enterprises.

Qingdao Century Haijia Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established in 2019 with a registered capital of 258 million yuan ,and is one of the first enterprises selected for the pilot demonstration project of "high-end manufacturing +artificial intelligence "in Qingdao West Coast New Area . Century Haijia Intelligent Manufacturing Factory is the first shuttleless loom intellignet manufacturing factory in China ,with an investment of 310 million yuan .After the completion of the factory ,it is expected to achieve an annual output of 10,000 high-end shuttleless looms ,with an annual output value of about 1 billion yuan .Century Haijia intelligent manufacturing factory is committed to building itself into an international advanced ,domestic leading high-end shuttleless loom intelligent manufacturing benchmark factory . 

"At the beginning of the construction planning, Century Haijia Intelligent Factory sorted out the company's business process and production process. On the basis of standardization, it completed the pulsating production mode planning, and gradually realized the lean production based on automation and digitalization."Century Haijia information director Li Hongsheng introduced."Century Haijia intelligent factory has laid a high starting point, high standard, high quality construction ideas from the beginning of the construction, the enterprise high-end intelligent manufacturing + artificial intelligence is also the direction we have been exploring.The idea of enterprise intelligent factory is to form pull production mode based on market order; apply information management software of whole business process to reduce intermediate inventory and improve production efficiency, improve automation, select automatic single machine and production line for storage system, and plan functional partition according to the characteristics of product production process, to make logistics smooth and fast; and consider processing and assembly reservation to ensure the later development space of the enterprise.”

In June 2021, Huawei (Qingdao) digital city joint innovation center began to cooperate with Century Haijia, Huawei enterprise digital transformation professional team into Century Haijia digital transformation diagnosis, and enterprise management personnel and manufacturing personnel discussion production line, line field research more than ten times, combined with Huawei experience in the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, for Century Haijia can intelligent factory construction.

In this cooperation between Huawei and Century Haijia, relying on Huawei Cloud's full-stack and full-scenario cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence capabilities from chips, computing power infrastructure to big data platforms and artificial intelligence development platforms, Solve the problems of information islands, poor production line perception, complicated R&D processes, and difficulties in remote operation and maintenance of sold equipment in the construction of smart factories.


The overall structure of Century Haijia intelligent manufacturing Factory

1. Build a three-dimensional data center of "one factory map" to realize the three-dimensional and visual management of the factory

Based on the best form of 3 D virtual reality, realize the real display of the smart factory, integrate the "physical space" and "virtual presentation" together, collect all the real-time data in the physical manufacturing process, and realize the integrated display in the virtual environment.Through this system, the production simulation in the virtual environment can be seamlessly integrated with the real production, and the flexible advantages of the digital twin factory can be used to improve the transparency of the enterprise management and production, improve the work efficiency of the business leadership operation analysis and management decision-making, and lay a solid foundation for the data-driven intelligent manufacturing.


Century Haijia digital twin platform

2. Build a PLM collaborative integration platform to realize the integration and comprehensive coordination of enterprise technology management


The two types of spindle-free looms manufactured and sold by Century Haihave large and complex products, complex production process and manufacturing process, long production technology preparation and production cycle, the production plan is complex and changeable, the delivery time of products is difficult to guarantee, and the cost accounting is difficult.R & D projects have large information reserves, there are information islands in R & D and production information management, lack of information sharing, r & D data changes cannot be transmitted to production in time, forming a disconnection between R & D and development and production, easy to cause production errors, and the lack of standardized management information of R & D data and utilization rate is low.The r & d project progress is not clear, and the project progress and project control cannot be understood in real time.


With the business development of Century Haijia, higher requirements are put forward for the management level of the enterprise, and these problems directly affect the rapid development of the business and the improvement of the management level.Through combing enterprise research and development and process, the typical practice of many manufacturing enterprises, on the basis of enterprise PLM software system, with the product data, product structure as the core, the construction of the project, design, process comprehensive collaborative integrated management platform, promote the enterprise informatization construction process, improve the level of technical management.


 Century Haijia PLM collaborative integration platform architecture

3. Build a remote operation and maintenance platform for products, realize refined after-sales service and reduce after-sales costs

Based on the Internet of Things platform, the data of the equipment sold in Haijia, including equipment operation parameters, start and downtime data, equipment alarm, and troubleshooting according to equipment operation parameters and equipment alarm information.

Establish an online communication platform between Haijia and users, provide active service, and improve user satisfaction;· 

Establish a service performance appraisal system to reduce after-sales costs;

Through the establishment of the knowledge base, help enterprises to accumulate manuals, documents and common problems and countermeasures, and improve the efficiency of equipment operation and maintenance and troubleshooting. Some problem users can find the knowledge base by themselves and solve them quickly.

Classification and statistical analysis of equipment faults to guide equipment update and iteration.

Collect equipment operation data and production data to provide data support for product iteration.


Remote operation and maintenance function of equipment implementation

Huawei Cloud intelligent factory upgrade solutions can find manufacturing enterprises in the digital transformation and upgrading of the misunderstanding and blind spot, through the existing information construction and the digital reconstruction of production process, greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises, inject new momentum for enterprise development, greatly enhance the enterprise market competitiveness.

On May 13,2021, at the "Qingdao · Huawei Cloud City Summit 2021", Huawei signed the Cooperation Agreement between Huawei (Qingdao) Digital City Joint Innovation Center with Qingdao West Coast New Area Management Committee and Shandong Tourism Investment Pan Network Technology Co., Ltd.In the future, the three parties will jointly operate the Huawei (Qingdao) Digital City Joint Innovation Center, accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises and public institutions in Qingdao West Coast New Area, and improve the regional information level.Joint innovation center will provide the west coast of Qingdao new enterprises and institutions wisdom city construction, government digital assets operation, software development cloud platform resources related cloud resources, platform and services, promote artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, block chain of a new generation of information technology innovation application.


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