Qingdao Haijia Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

After-Sales Service

 Haijia has a perfect after-sale service system and quality assurance system,we adhere to the principle of "all for Clients" service, specially set up a professional technical service team, and in the domestic various provinces and cities set up three after-sales service outlets, in India, Vietnam and other countries to build logistics service center, responsible for providing customers with comprehensive after-sales service and technical solutions. In addition, the quality department of the company will pay a monthly return visit to customers, timely collect customer comments and form a report, and respond to customer feedback in the first time.

In terms of customer service process, Haijia after-sales service runs through equipment installation and debugging, user training, equipment repair and maintenance, regular inspection, fault diagnosis, technical support and other links, truly realizing the whole process monitoring and management of customer service.