Qingdao Haijia Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

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Qingdao Haijia Machinery Group Co., Ltd. was formerly known as "Jiaonan Wangtai Xinchun Textile Parts Service Center", the founder Wang Anjian worked in a state-owned textile factory, stationed in Beijing for four years, his eyes opened up, and returned to his hometown in 1995 to start a trade, providing parts for local spinning machine enterprises, earning " The first bucket of gold".

At that time, China's manufacturing industry was booming, the demand for textile machinery exceeded the supply, and a number of private spinning machine enterprises came into being. Wangtai Town, Huangdao District, Qingdao City alone has more than a hundred spinning machine enterprises, thus achieving the reputation of "China's textile machinery town".

Wang Anjian saw this "windfall" and registered Qingdao Haijia Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2001, and built a factory covering an area of 22,000 square meters in Wangtai Town, with water jet looms and air jet looms as the main products.

At that time, the spinning machine enterprise, only order consciousness, no quality consciousness, orders come to fast production and fast sales to earn fast money; spinning machine customers mostly think that the equipment can be opened up on good, failure is also seen as a normal phenomenon. In such an environment, Haijia also has no clear quality consciousness, but Wang Anjian has a clear "bottom line" in his heart: not to make shoddy work to earn black money. If we cheat our customers now, they will not recognize us in the future, and if we have no market, what else can we do? He said, "Only if we do a good job, we can have income, this enterprise can be healthy and sustainable development, always keep a sense of crisis in mind."

How to do well? His method is, the production of their own processing parts carefully, outsourcing parts will never use inferior products, rather than high prices from Japan, Korea, Taiwan suppliers, which means an increase in costs and cut profits. In the whole market fickle atmosphere, it is not easy to do this!

In the absence of modern management concept, quality concept and risk control concept, "character" plays a decisive role in it.

The first belief: never cheat customers

 Once, a batch of transmissions purchased by Haijia from Japanese manufacturers had not yet arrived, and the delivery time required by the customer was very tight, some colleagues suggested: to use domestic imitation products instead, otherwise the delivery would not be timely, and customers were running to others.

At that time, other spinning machine manufacturers used a large number of domestic imitation products, compared with imported products, the price difference and performance difference is not large, customers do not have the ability to identify. Suppose HAIJIA used imitation products, it could not only shorten the delivery time, but also make more money.

But Wang Anjian decisively rejected the suggestion of using the second best product. In order to deliver on time, he decided to use a workaround: first with domestic transmission to the customer to install the machine, and so on the arrival of imported transmission, immediately sent someone to the customer factory for replacement. In the whole loom industry, Haijia is the first and probably the only one to do so sincerely, moving the customers to a mess.

By handing over sincerity and making reputation, the loyalty of customers has been achieved. The replacement of hundreds of transmissions is still lying in the storage, and has become a "living textbook" for the dissemination of corporate integrity culture.

The second belief: Better to smash the money, not the brand

  In 2010, a customer in Guangdong ordered 222 sets of water jet looms from Haijia through an intermediary, and the freight should be borne by the customer according to the rules, but the intermediary was negligent and forgot to specify in the contract.

A loom shipping cost of more than 1,000 yuan, the total price of more than 200,000, the loss is a little big. In order to recover the fault, the middleman gave Wang Anjian an idea: that customer is a novice, if some parts with domestic parts to replace imported parts, not to mention saving 1000 yuan, save two or three thousand are not difficult.

Wang Anjian got angry when he heard it and rebuked: "I do not approve of your attitude! We make products, not to make more money or what, product quality is a bottom line of our Haijia, our standard configuration, not to be changed."

In the end, the 222 units of equipment were supplied exactly as standard, and the losses were eaten by themselves.

It is better to smash the money than to smash the brand, the money is smashed in, the credit is smashed out, and Haijia also has the foundation of the foundation, the base. People in the industry know that, in Wangtai, the standard 190cm reed width of HAIJIA equipment is 300kg heavier than other manufacturers' products, which is 300kg all the cost and a strong proof of "conscience quality".

"It is hard to buy repeat customers with a thousand pieces of gold", if you want to be sustainable and do repeat customers, you must do credit.

HAIJIA sticks to its beliefs and becomes one of the enterprises that survive tenaciously. When one rival falls, surviving itself is a proud thing. In this regard, Wang Anjian is most pleased that - "We have never cut corners, no counterfeit, I have no shame in this".

From the experience of Haijia's start, we may get an inspiration: character is the core competitiveness, is the guarantee of quality, is the cornerstone of the brand.