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Product Detiles

Application Scope

Applicable yarn types and thickness: staple fiber Ne100~Ne2.5; filament 22 dtex~1350dtex .

Product varieties from high count dense and thin high-grade fabrics to coarse count high dense and thick fabrics can be produced, equipped with electronic jacquard, dobby and other opening systems to adapt to the production of multi-species fabrics.

Technical Parameters

Nominal reed space190.
The effective width0-600mm (reed space 190~250cm),0-800mm (reed space≥280cm)
Opening way crank, cam, dobby, jacquard
Beam diameterØ800mm, Ø1000mm
Heald Frame No.Positive CAM Shedding: heald frame up to 10 pieces; Dobby Shedding: heald frame up to 16 pieces
Nozzle Quantitydouble nozzle, four nozzle,six nozzle
Beating up methodfour-linkage beating-up,six linkage beating-up (optional)
Scissors and feelermechanical ceramic scissors; Electric Scissors
Warranty1 Year
Lead time30-45 Days

Product innovation points

● Adopting self-designed integrated wall plate and improving the frame structure, which improves the rigidity of the frame, reduces the deformation deficiency of the frame during operation, and enhances the operation stability of the whole machine.

● Improved the connection of electrical air circuit, optimized the weaving procedure, improved the operation speed of electrical components, and reduced the energy consumption of equipment operation.

● Improvement of the connection of the air circuit to achieve good energy-saving effect during the operation of the machine and reduce the operation cost of the customer.

The "U" type weft beating mechanism is adopted, and the reed seat support arm adopts the power balance structure, which increases the beating force and reduces the vibration of the weft beating mechanism to a large extent, which is an important link to improve the high-speed manufacturing performance.

The new rear beam mechanism realizes external warp loosening transmission, which makes warp feeding more uniform and tension balanced, reduces warp feeding error and improves the rate of fabric quality.



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