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Product Detiles

Application Scope:

Applicable yarn type and thickness: staple fiber 100~5S/1 (imperial cotton count) (Nm170-8.5); filament 50-900D (denier) (55.6~1000dtex).

Applicable fabric types: base cloth, cold cloth, gauze, core cloth, fine flat cloth, labor cloth, down quilt top, cotton flannel, corduroy, wada tweed, rainproof canvas, coat fabric, poplin, striped color cloth, Oxford cloth, gingham twill cotton fabric, pile fabric, bed sheet cloth, thin fabric, thin outerwear fabric, pure wool fabric, facecloth, cotton and linen blended shirt fabric, towel, linen base cloth, lining fabric, women's clothing fabric, curtain fabric, sportswear fabric, shirting fabric, uniform fabric.

Technical Parameters

Nominal reed space190.
The effective width0-600mm (reed space 190~250cm),0-800mm (reed space≥280cm)
Opening way crank, cam, dobby, jacquard
Beam diameterØ800mm, Ø1000mm
Heald Frame No.Positive CAM Shedding: heald frame up to 10 pieces; Dobby Shedding: heald frame up to 16 pieces
Nozzle Quantitydouble nozzle, four nozzle,six nozzle
Beating up methodfour-linkage beating-up,six linkage beating-up (optional)
Scissors and feelermechanical ceramic scissors; Electric Scissors
Warranty1 Year
Lead time30-45 Days

Innovation points

● This model adopts box type wall plate and is thick, high strength and stable.

● The other key parts used in the frame, such as the center plate, 4 braces, middle support, etc., are all weighted to ensure the stability of the entire frame, which is conducive to the weaving of heavy fabrics on the loom.

● The stable rear beam structure reduces unnecessary shaking and ensures smooth warp feeding when weaving high-density and heavy fabrics at higher speeds.

● The weft beating mechanism adopts a four-link structure, which is suitable for high speed weaving of short reed width, and a six-link structure, which is suitable for weaving of long reed width and high weft density.

● Optimized electric control device to improve the automation of the loom, and several electric control models are planned to adapt to different models, fabrics and customers' needs. The machine is adapted to weave cotton, hemp, wool, chemical fiber and other fibers, and the varieties are suitable for light, medium and heavy fabrics, with wide weaving range and stable performance, which can meet different customers' needs.




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