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Product Detiles

Application Scope

Interlining, taffeta, umbrella cloth, luggage cloth, etc

Technical Parameters

Nominal reed space150,170, 190,210, 230,280,300,320,340,360
The effective width0-500mm (standard configuration),0-700mm(optional configuration)  
Opening way crank, cam, dobby, jacquard
Beam diameterØ800mm,Ø1000mm(optional)
Heald Frame No.4、6、8、10、12、16
Nozzle Quantity1、2、3、4
Beating up methodfour-linkage beating up (standard configuration is common hollow beating up shaft,optional solid beating up shaft)
Scissors and feelermechanical ceramic scissors;photoelectric feeler;Optical fiber feeler
Warranty1 Year
Lead time30-45 Days

Innovation point

● The whole loom adopts 880cm*880cm* 140cm large board, which reduces the center of gravity of the body and ensures the stable operation of the machine body when the loom is running at high speed;

● using hollow beating shaft and hyperactivity (optional) beating system, the coiling mechanism is optimized, strengthen the middle board and back frame, reduce the vibration of loom during operation, move the reed protection cam outward, and improve the waterproof effect of the whole machine;

● The width of the loom can reach up to 360cm, which is widely used for weaving light and thin fabrics such as interlining and taffeta.

Device Configuration

Serial No.NameProduction Model and Use Performance Description
1wallboardThe left and right large plate blank using Anyang cast blank, according to the drawing Tsudakoma, with the new horizontal processing center accurate processing.
2Large box gearTaiwan Datong gear, ultra silent, ultra wear resistant, not black, ultra-low vibration, high precision.
3Large box bearingThe bearing in the large box is  FAG Brand.
4Beating-up shaftØ114 * 10 Enhanced, qualitative heat treatment, sandblasting, 11 feet, Tsudakoma standard.
5Reed seatSUS304 stainless steel reinforced, polished finish to flat level.
6PeroniumThe sky is biting skin.(fine particle)
7BeamUsing tianuda structure design, before and after the upper beam, lower beam four triangle iron.
8Suction pipe70mm, 5mm thick.SUS304 stainless steel, reinforced.
9Rear beam102mm * 8.
10Tension free spring∮9mm
11Face-plateType 300 is for special purpose.
12Let-off auxiliary deviceXinbao has a pieceless transmission.(The axial clearance of the box is adjustable)
13Temple poles ,guide polesSpecial purpose for type 300,30mm stainless steel.
14TempleGeelong stainless steel side support.
15Leno MotionTaiwan brand
16Roller pressure clothNew pressing device, equal tension coiling
17Active motorDomestic super start motor, long service life.
18PlungerCeramic plunger
19Pump springJapanese AWA pump spring, CAM rotor pump use IKO needle roller bearing
21check valveSouth Korea titanium dioxide
22Oil sealMade in Taiwan ,China (CTY)
23Scissors partJoint bearing, scissors, scissors spring,Made in Taiwan,China, improve efficiency.
24Let-off deviceType 300, Curly composite gear QT400-18 (ductile iron)
25Suction fanMechanical suction
26Regulated water tankDouble-layer filtration, bucket type.
27paintbeige, special acid pickling phosphoelectrophoresis line production, improve the rust effect.
28Stainless steel screw of the whole machineTaiwan Dongming SUS304 stainless steel screws, no rust.
29Waterproof deviceThicker waterproof curtain, transparent waterproof cover plate.
30False twisting spindleRear pull (Weft main stem: stainless steel, base iron)
31Weft standSingle or double spray general weft frame
32angle barSUS304 stainless steel material.
33brake apparatusUse the high-speed brake discs.
34electric boxstainless steel.




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