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Product Detiles

Application Scope

Twist chiffon, nylon silk spinning, four - sided elastic, etc

Technical Parameters

Nominal reed space150,170, 190,210, 230,280,300,320,340,360
The effective width0-500mm (reed space ≤230cm, standard),0-700mm (reed space≥280cm, optional)
Opening way crank, cam, dobby, jacquard
Beam diameterØ800mm,Ø1000mm(optional)
Heald Frame No.4、6、8、10、12、16
Nozzle Quantitysingle nozzle, double nozzle, three nozzle, four nozzle
Beating up methodfour-linkage beating-up,U type beating shaft, solid straight shaft (optional)
Scissors and feelermechanical ceramic scissors; photoelectric weft detector 
Warranty1 Year
Lead time30-45 Days

Innovation point

● Adopting integrated wall board and optimizing the frame structure, beating-up mechanism and shedding device, the loom's high speed and stability are obviously improved compared with the original machine.

● The optimized design of the weft insertion system improves the efficiency of weft insertion and is suitable for high speed weft insertion

● Adopting U type beating-up shaft with Multi reinforced support seat and centralized lubrication system, and special beating-up balance system, improve the beating-up strength and make it more wear-resistant, besides, increase the service life of loom.

● Lower the center of gravity of the loom,improving the design structure of position line and eccentric rocking shaft makes the loom operating greatly improved. Design top speed can reach 1200 RPM;

Device Configuration

Serial No.NameProduction Model and Use Performance Description
1wallboardHaijia adopts Henan Anyang casting blank (the same supplier as China Tsudakoma), imported large processing center precision processing.
2Large box gearUsing Taiwan Datong gear, ultra-silent, ultra-wear-resistant, oil is not black, ultra-low vibration, high precision.
3Large box bearingImported from Swedish SKF and FAG
4Beating-up shaftØ114 * 10 Enhanced type, qualitative heat treatment, sandblasting treatment (not easy to rust, break, crack), 13 feet, Tsudakoma standard beating-up shaft.
5Reed seatSUS304 stainless steel reinforced, polished finish to flat level.
6PeroniumJinan Tianqi brand
7BeamUsing Tsudakoma structure design, front and rear upper beam penttube, front and rear and lower beam double angle iron.
8Suction Pipe∮ 76mm, 6mm thick.SUS304 stainless steel material.Reinforced suction pipe seat, stable.
9Rear beamstainless steel covered by chrome plated  ∮ 102mm.
10Tension free spring∮ 9mm or 10mm
11Face-plate4008 Special type.
12Let-off and Take-up motionMichenical let-off and Mechanical Take-up 
13Temple poles ,guide poles4008 Special type, 30mm stainless steel.
14TempleJilong brand , stainless steel material.
15Leno motionMade in Taiwan ,China, the outer ring nylon gear inner ring steel disc can play the role of shock absorption, reduce vibration during operation and improve startup efficiency, (sliding seat: stainless steel, low noise leno assembly, smooth operation, long service life).
16Roller pressure clothHW-600 special new pressing device, equal tension coiling
17Active motorSuper excited motor has the advantages of power saving, fast starting speed, small noise, less parking gear and long service life.
18Electric control systemDomestic electric control system, good moisture-proof performance, stable operation.
19PlungerCeramic plunger.
20Pump springAWA pump spring.
21NozzleMDH spray nozzle
22Check valveSouth Korea titanium dioxide.
23Oil seal &nozzleMade in Taiwan ,China
24Scissors partJoint bearing, scissors, scissors spring,Made in Taiwan,China, improve efficiency.
25Suction fanMechanical energy saving type, install the lower and upper position
26Regulated water tankDouble-layer filtration, bucket-type.
27PaintTsudakoma yellow, professional pickling, phosphoization, electrophoresis, paint assembly line production, improve the rust effect, using Japanese Kansai paint.
28Stainless steel screw of the Whole machineTaiwan Dongming SUS304 stainless steel screws, no rust.
29Waterproof deviceThicker waterproof curtain, Tsudakoma transparent waterproof cover plate
30Weft standDouble spray universal weft stand




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