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Product Detiles

Application Scope

Super fine denier, ultra high density shading cloth, multi-layer cloth,Airbag fabric etc


Technical Parameters

Nominal reed space150,170, 190,210, 230,280,300,320,340,360
The effective width0-500mm (reed space ≤230cm, standard),0-700mm (reed space≥280cm, optional)
Opening way crank, cam, dobby, jacquard
Beam diameterØ800mm,Ø914mm(Optional) Ø1000mm(optional)
Heald Frame No.4、6、8、10、12、16
Nozzle Quantitysingle nozzle, double nozzle, three nozzle, four nozzle
Beating up methodfour-linkage beating-up,six linkage beating-up (optional)
Scissors and feelermechanical ceramic scissors; photoelectric weft detector 
Warranty1 Year
Lead time30-45 Days

Innovation point

● Weft beating mechanism and opening device have been optimized for ultra-high speed performance, and the newly developed "U" type short pitch nozzle has further improved the weft drawing performance.

● The new strong frame structure and strengthened warp feeding device shorten the path of the fabric surface before weaving and greatly improve the weft beating performance, especially the six-link weft beating, which achieves high speed and high quality at a higher level.

● The worm gear axial clearance adjustment device enables the stability of the warp feeding device to adapt to the width and high density of fabrics, and to cope with the weaving of special specifications from very fine count yarn to coarse count yarn, from narrow width to wide width, and from general fabrics to double fabrics.

● U-shaped weft beating shaft and special weft beating balance system. The weft beating shaft is equipped with multiple reinforced supports and centralized lubrication system, which improves the weft beating force and weft beating shaft wear, increasing the service life of the weaving machine.

● The redesign of the frame structure, with the inclination of the fabric warp path from the weaving mouth, shortens the fabric path before weaving, enables stable weaving even at higher densities and reduces the warp position line to 900 mm, in line with the ergonomic operation theory, significantly improves the weft beating performance and weaver control, and uses a servo direct drive motor, saving energy up to 25%-30%. The weaving machine speed can be changed by simple parameter setting, and the weaving machine can be used for complex fabrics with variable weft density and variable speed.

● The maximum design speed can be up to 1400RPM.

Device Configuration

Serial No.NameProduction Model and Use Performance Description
1wallboardThe company adopts the integrated reinforced wall board, the material standard HT250,480.44kg.Imported imported CNC plane is used to ensure size and position accuracy.
2Large box gearUsing Taiwan Datong gear, ultra-silent, ultra-wear resistance, ultra-low vibration, high precision.
3Large box bearingLarge-box inner bearings are Swedish SKF bearings.
4beating-upAdopt specially treated U-type latitude shaft, support bushing in centralized refueling and lubrication, increase the latitude counterweight balance system, optimize the latitude range and latitude Angle.Ordinary fabric can choose # 80 motion range four-rod latitude; heavy fabric or double cloth can choose six rod latitude.
5Reed seatUsing SUS304 stainless steel material, integrated reed splint, polished treatment.
6peroniumTianqi abrasion resistant skin, 102x10mm top stick, 102x8mm bottom stick, reinforced roll.
7Protected EnclosureNew high-quality plastic parts, sheet metal class using powder spraying process.
8BeamThe front upper beam is made of rectangular steel tube with welded thickened steel plate. The rear upper beam and front lower beam adopt thickened square tube. Especially the front upper beam is unique design of Haijia Company, both sides are processed by special machine, which makes the U-shaped weft beating axis more stable. The four beams are connected to the ground and fixed by two reinforcement supports.
9Plastic funnel on both sidesDig a large gap, increase the rear waterproof device, avoid a large box of water, reduce water splash.
10Suction pipe60mm, 5mm thick.SUS304 stainless steel material, according to the different fabric, you can choose the horizontal type and inclined type (double layer cloth) to better meet the needs of the fabric roll.
11Rear BeamAdopt 114x9mm reinforced titanium plated aluminum alloy roller, ball + roller bearing combination to improve shaft bearing load; tension roller with tilt angle display and roller seat with high and low scale display.
12Tension free springThe new connection method has four options: 8,9,10,12.
13face-plateHW-8010 exclusive type.
14Let-off and Take-up deviceElectronic meridian delivery, electronic volume pickup, and touch screen setting.
15Temple poles, guide polesHW-8010 special model, 3mm stainless steel.
16templeThree ring five rows of fine needle under pressure stainless steel side support.
17Leno motionTaiwan ear frame assembly (slide: stainless steel, low noise wire assembly, smooth operation, long service life); multi-arm opening with independent strch system.
18Roller pressure cloth30mm solid stainless steel (SUS304)
19Active motorDirect drive motor (about 25%)
20Electric control systemVandewiele  electric control.
21Electronic storage weftVandewiele weft feeder(double coil electronic yarn clamp)
22Weft detectorOptical fiber  weft detector.
23Effective rangeNominal reed width- (0 ~ 60cm)
24PlungerSpecifications according to the species selection
25Pump springMade in Japan (Specifications according to the species selection)
26Spray nozzleThe "U" type spray nozzle.
27check valveSpecifications according to the species selection
28Oil seal &nozzleMade in Taiwan ,China
29Scissors partTaiwan produces joint bearing, scissors, scissors spring, improve efficiency.
30Suction fanElectric suction fan, with steam and water separator
31Regulated water tankDouble-layer filter type fully sealed water tank.
32paintHaijia standard color, using pickling phosphorus + electrophoresis + paint process production, improve the rust prevention effect.
33Stainless steel screwsUse Taiwan Dongming SUS304 stainless steel screws, no rust.
34Waterproof deviceNew aluminum alloy panel, new waterproof fog transparent waterproof cover plate, new stainless steel water connection plate.
35False twisting spindleTilt type.
36heald frameHaijia strengthened type.
37weft standDouble-jet thickened galvanized weft stand
38foundry goodsDetermine the high quality suppliers, produce according to Haijia standard drawings, and ensure the size, material and weight.
39Other parts versatilitySome parts can be used with Tsudakoma ZW8100.
40Design the highest speed1400rpm.
41lubricating systemLarge tank oil bath lubrication, oil filling points of important parts lead to centralized refueling, automatic lubrication system (partial lubrication points) can also be selected. 
42Main patentZL201220718493.9
ZL201420488212.4 ZL201420678887.5




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