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Message From The Chairman

Message From The Chairman

Welcome to Haijia website! We sincerely thank the friends from all walks of life who pay attention to and support Haijia! Because of your trust and reliance, Haijia has been able to develop healthily and steadily.

HAIJIA is a backbone enterprise focusing on the research and development, design, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service of shuttleless looms (water jet looms and air jet looms) for 27 years, inheriting the accumulation of Chinese textile machinery for many years and carrying the dream of Chinese textile machinery to the world, which is also our motivation and belief to provide quality products and services to our customers. The establishment of the Group in 2020 is an important milestone for HAIJIA to enhance its core competitiveness and build a world-class textile machinery manufacturing enterprise, which opens a new journey for the internationalization of Chinese textile machinery.

Adhering to the core values of Fair-and-Square, Indedicated, Innovation and Altruism, Haijia is fully committed to the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of water jet looms and air jet looms, insisting on independent, open and collaborative R&D innovation and management innovation ideas, firmly producing and manufacturing high-quality products and providing high-quality services, continuously creating greater value for customers and society with quality, and continuously improving our ability to achieve customers and benefit society. We will continue to improve our ability to achieve customers and benefit society. HAIJIA has the world's leading intelligent manufacturing factory for textile machinery, and many products such as HW-8010 high speed and high density water jet loom and HA-9010 air jet loom have reached the world's advanced level, which can adapt to various complex high-end and traditional weaving such as apparel, home textile and interlining, as well as diversified individual needs, and is the leading enterprise in the global textile machinery industry. The market share of Haijia products has been leading in the world for more than ten years, and now, it has been exported to nearly 30 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

Standing at the new development starting point, facing new opportunities and challenges, Haijia will continue to uphold the ideal of revitalizing the national industry and take advantage of the major strategic opportunities of "One Belt, One Road" and "Made in China 2025", with a global vision, industry development and open-mindedness. Based on the integration of global resources, creating a world famous brand, vigorously promoting technological innovation and management innovation, building a global leading high-end shuttleless loom system solution provider, and repaying customers and society with outstanding performance.

We sincerely hope that friends from all walks of life will continue to pay attention to, support and trust Haijia! We will continue to cooperate sincerely with all walks of life to create a better future together!