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HJ-C21 high speed for black out cloth cam shedding

Positive conjugate cam shedding is frequently used to generate black-out cloth on all types of water jet looms.
  • HJ-C21


Applicationwater jet loom
Reed width150cm~360cm
Maximum revolution speed800rpm
Number of weft cycle12
Heald frame spacing12mm
Maximum heald lifting14 pcs
Heddle specification280MM
Shedding capacity54mm-110mm

The maximum of heald lifting is 14 pieces,which can meet the demand of specific type of shedding .

The overall casting box structure and optimized design employ a four-axis machining center for one-time clamping, with higher accuracy of associated dimensions, effectively reducing vibration and noise generated during equipment operation, and making it more suitable for the production of high-speed, wide-reed, and heavy fabrics. It has a rapid oil drain joint that makes oil change and draining simple and quick.

The frame structure adopt the integrated bending steel plate cross beam and electrophoretic powder coating method,with fully enclosed cover,which improves the safety,waterproof and anti-corrosion of the  whole machine.


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