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  • Q How much air does a air jet loom consume per day?

    Haijia air jet loom adopts Japanese original SMC air pipe, magnetic valve,pressure regulating valve and other accessories; Shorten the distance from the sub-nozzle to the reed, make the air supply more centralized, control the air pressure and air capacity separately to minimize energy consumption. The maximum air consumption of the machine does not exceed 1 cubic meter per minute, making it the best choice for energy conservation and consumption reduction.
  • Q What is the power consumption of a air jet loom?

    A The power consumption of air jet looms is related to the appropriate motor power, typically between 3.7kw and 4.5kw. The wider the loom, the greater the main motor power. Users can choose to install a motorized spindle, which saves 20% to 25% more power than ordinary asynchronous motors.
  • Q What rotate speed can a air jet loom achieve?

    A The rotational speed of a loom is related to factors such as reed width, fabric type, and yarn specification. Our 9020 model is designed to rotate at a maximum speed of 1400 rpm, but it may vary slightly depending on the fabric type.
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