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Great Efficiency HA-N Series Air Jet Weaving Machine

HAIJIA equipment assembly has a comprehensive standard system and a quality inspection system in place, and the source of components manufactured can be tracked. Japan Makino makes the accessories, while Japan Mazak manufactures the machine, which has high accuracy, low vibration, and high stability.
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  • HA-N air jet loom

  • Haijia

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Company Introduction

Haijia, founded in 1995, is the world's leading manufacturer and service provider of shuttleless looms with innovative technology and high quality. 30 years of dedication and deep plowing in the field of shuttleless looms has established an international competitive group enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing, and after-sales service, and owns three major manufacturing factories and more than ten offices at home and abroad, with an annual manufacturing capacity of nearly 20,000 sets. For more than 10 years, Haijia has led the globe in water jet loom market share, and the firm has built major cooperation connections with world-renowned textile companies such as Toray of Japan, Teijin of Japan, Hengli Group, Tongkun Group, and others.

Applicable yarn type and thickness:

 staple fiber 100~5S/1 (imperial cotton count) (Nm170-8.5); filament 50-900D (denier) (55.6~1000dtex)

Applicable fabric types: 

base cloth, cold cloth, gauze, core cloth, fine flat cloth, labor cloth, down quilt top, cotton flannel, corduroy, wada tweed, rainproof canvas, coat fabric, poplin, striped color cloth, Oxford cloth, gingham twill cotton fabric, pile fabric, bed sheet cloth, thin fabric, thin outerwear fabric, pure wool fabric, facecloth, cotton and linen blended shirt fabric, towel, linen base cloth, lining fabric, women's clothing fabric, curtain fabric, sportswear fabric, shirting fabric, uniform fabric.






HA-N   HA-9020N

Reed width

Nominal reed width(cm)


Effective reed

from 170 to 230cm Nominal reed width reduce 0~-60cm

width more than 280cm, Nominal reed width reduce 0~-80cm

Weaving range





Weft selection

Two color, four color, six color, eight color and continuous expansion function


Brake control

Positioning and stopping by electromagnetic brake control


super start motor drive 2.2KW(crank shedding)、3.0KW(cam shedding)、3.7KW(dobby shedding )、6.5KW( jacquard shedding)

Direct drive motor

running operation

Two hand operation of control buttons

Weft insertion

Weft insertion

Maximum weft insertion rate: 2300m/min


Combination of main nozzle and auxiliary nozzle

Auxiliary main nozzle

Drafting nozzle


Profiled reed


Crank connecting rod shedding: 4 pcs heald frame or 6 pcs heald frame

Positive cam shedding: Up to 10 pcs heald frame

Dobby shedding: up to 16pcs heald frames

jacquard shedding

let off

Let-off type

Positive let-off device

negative let-off

electronic let-off

Double warp beam

diameter of the beam flange

diameter of the beam flange:Φ800mm



Stop machine device

Mechanical warp break self-stopping device

Electronic type

take up

electronic take up

Standard density 25-300 picks/inch

Roll cloth diameter

Biggest roll cloth diameter:Φ600mm(cam、dobby、jaqcard)、Φ520mm(crank) Maximum roll cloth diameter: Φ 600mm (cam, dobby, jacquard shedding) Φ 520mm (crank shedding)

beating up

Solid straight shaft beating up

"U" shaped beating up shaft

Four-link beating-up (narrow width), six-link beating-up (wide width)

rocker shaft middle support

Length measurement and weft storage

Electronic weft feeder

weft stand

Floor type 4 barrels (2 nozzles), Floor type 8 barrels (4 nozzles), Floor type 10 barrels (6 nozzle)


Planetary gear type Selvage device

Pneumatic selvage

Yarn end treatment

Discarded take-up 2pcs drum-type

Weft cutting

Mechanical weft cutting device

electronic weft cutting device


Main transmission part oil bath type, manual centralized oil supply

Electric central oil supply

stop machine device

Weft yarn: photoelectric weft feeler, double probe

Warp yarn: Electrical contact six-row dropper

Others: selvage yarn, discarded edge yarn and automatic stop when the yarn is broken

stop reason: show the information on the display, multi-function 4-color light stop display


inverter to adjust speed.

Memory card function

Automatic weft extraction device


1. Question: What rotate speed can a air jet loom achieve?
Answer:The rotational speed of a loom is related to factors such as reed width, fabric type, and yarn specification. Our 9020 model is designed to rotate at a maximum speed of 1400 rpm, but it may vary slightly depending on the fabric type.

2. What is the power consumption of a air jet weaving machine?

Answer:The power consumption of air jet looms is proportional to the motor power, which is normally between 3.7kw and 4.5kw. The larger the loom, the more powerful the main motor. Users have the option of installing a motorized spindle, which saves 20% to 25% more electricity than standard asynchronous motors.

3. Question: How much air does a air jet loom consume per day?
Answer:Haijia air jet loom uses authentic Japanese SMC air pipe, magnetic valve, pressure regulating valve, and other accessories. Reduce the distance between the sub-nozzle and the reed, concentrate the air supply, and manage the air pressure and air capacity individually to reduce energy consumption. The machine's maximum air consumption is less than 1 cubic meter per minute, making it the greatest choice for energy saving and consumption reduction.

4.Question: How long has your company been making machines?
Answer:Since its establishment in 1995, Haijia has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of water jet looms and air jet looms for 30 years, delivering 140,000 machines to 23 countries and regions worldwide, with a market share ranking first in the industry for ten consecutive years.

5. Question: How long is Haijia machine's service life?
Answer:Haijia Looms are manufactured using the industry's top processing equipment and has the industry's most advanced electrophoretic spraying process. The machine's anti-corrosion and rust prevention capabilities have been greatly improved, and its service life is 2-3 times longer than that of other brands. Currently, the date of production of the operating machine on the market can be traced back to 2010.

6. Question: How long is the warranty of the machine?
Answer:The industry standard warranty period is one year, and the warranty time of export machine will be appropriately extended for 2-3 months based on the voyage time.

7.Question: How is the after-sales service?
Answer:At present, Haijia has 30 after-sales service staff. We have set up five service centers in the world, including India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Turkey and Indonesia. You can choose the nearest service center for help. We can provide 24-hour service for any problem with the machine.

8.Question:Is there any discount?
Answer:The top three textile head enterprises in each country are using Haijia brand looms. In order to facilitate a better development of the market, we will provide the top two users of each new market with the maximum discounts. Looking forward to working with you.


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