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HA-9020N Air Jet Loom

It adopts a widened integrated main board structure, optimizes the fixing method of the let-off wall panel and the rear beam adjustment seat and cooperates with the new beam structure to further improve the rigidity of the whole machine, laying a solid physical foundation for ultra-high-speed operation and reducing the vibration of the loom.
air jet loom working
air jet loom beat-up shaft
linkage beating air jet loom

l Solid beat-up shaft

The specially processed straight shaft and the flexibly increase or decrease counterweight device can achieve balanced beating of the loom under high-speed operation conditions and reduce the vibration of the loom.

l The direct drive motor part(optional)

It adopts a direct drive motor, which can automatically adjust the speed, effectively save power, and eliminates wearing parts such as the main motor belt, reducing the maintenance workload.

l Pneumatic tuck in device (optional)

For special needs, a pneumatic tuck in device is optional, which can achieve stable folding of weft yarns under high-speed operation, with few wearing parts and easy maintenance.

Key Features of HA-9020N Air Jet Loom

The essence of inheritance, continue to innovate and create a new generation of classics----HA-9020N series air-jet looms
best air jet loom architecture

High speed and high efficiency

The new structural wall panels are equipped with four reinforced beams to build a strong and stable body, laying a solid foundation for the high-speed and efficient operation of the loom.

high speed air jet loom

Variety adaptability

The continuous optimization and personalized design of the weft insertion system, beat-up system and shedding system can meet the needs of stable and high-quality weaving of various fabrics.

air jet loom working

Quality stability

From materials to casting from processing to surface treatment, from installation to debugging, full-process quality control and information management ensure that the quality of each batch of machines is stable and reliable.

signature air jet loom

Excellent energy saving

Adopt new energy-saving nozzles, optimize the weft insertion air path, optimize the distance between the electromagnetic valve and the nozzle and further reduce air consumption.

Air Jet Loom For various fabrics

The Air Jet Loom is a versatile machine designed for weaving various fabrics, including air jet cotton fabric, viscose, and textiles for home applications. The signature air jet loom stands out for its efficiency and precision in producing high-quality textiles.

For manufacturers focusing on home textiles, the air jet loom for hometextile ensures a smooth and consistent weave, meeting the high standards required for such products. Additionally, the air jet loom for viscose is optimized to handle the delicate nature of viscose fibers, ensuring a flawless finish. Equipped with advanced features, the air jet loom with compressor enhances the weaving process by providing a stable and continuous supply of air, reducing interruptions and improving overall efficiency.

air jet cotton fabric
air jet loom for hometextile
air jet silk fabric

Why Choose Us

air jet loom manufacturer
The only Chinese brand compared to Japanese Higher speed air jet loom.

There is no difference in speed, efficiency, fabric style, and energy consumption compared to Japanese Toyota machines.

The first choice for high end weaving factories air jet loom.

Your Most Concerned Air Jet Loom FAQ

Q: How much air does a air jet loom consume per day?

A: Haijia air jet loom adopts Japanese original SMC air pipe, magnetic valve,pressure regulating valve and other accessories; Shorten the distance from the sub-nozzle to the reed, make the air supply more centralized, control the air pressure and air capacity separately to minimize energy consumption. The maximum air consumption of the machine does not exceed 1 cubic meter per minute, making it the best choice for energy conservation and consumption reduction.

Q: What is the power consumption of a air jet loom?

A: The power consumption of air jet looms is related to the appropriate motor power, typically between 3.7kw and 4.5kw. The wider the loom, the greater the main motor power. Users can choose to install a motorized spindle, which saves 20% to 25% more power than ordinary asynchronous motors.

More Popular Products

Haijia high speed air jet loom is increasingly popular due to its exceptional performance and efficiency. Known for its high quality air jet loom construction, it ensures durability and superior fabric production. This automatic air jet loom features like automatic weft insertion and warp tension control, it reduces manual intervention, enhancing productivity and consistency, ideal for large-scale operations.

Latest News For Haijia

Congratulations to Zhejiang Wanzhou Group, the second largest cotton textile production base in China, for signing an order for 1556 jet looms with Haijia.
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