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HA-9020N Series Cotton Fabric Home Textile Air Jet Loom

Air-jet weft-guiding is the use of air as a weft-guiding medium, with the jet of compressed air flow on the weft yarn to produce friction traction traction, the weft yarn with the shuttle mouth, through the jet produced by the jet to achieve the purpose of weft-guiding.

The characteristics of air-jet weft-guiding

The characteristics of air-jet weft-induction are high speed, high tension, small shuttle mouth, the original yarn, semi-products require high.
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  • HA-9020

Applicable yarn types and thickness: staple fiber Ne100~Ne2.5; filament 22 dtex~1350dtex .

Product varieties from high count dense and thin high-grade fabrics to coarse count high dense and thick fabrics can be produced, equipped with electronic jacquard, dobby and other opening systems to adapt to the production of multi-species fabrics.

Tailored to meet the unique needs of denim enthusiasts, weaving machinery experts, and the medical textile industry, our air jet loom stands out as a versatile and high-capacity solution.

Specifically designed for denim production, our air jet loom excels in weaving denim fabrics with precision and efficiency. Beyond denim, it seamlessly integrates into weaving machinery operations, proving itself as a reliable and high-capacity choice for a diverse range of applications.

In the medical field, our air jet loom showcases its capabilities, offering precision and meeting the stringent standards required for medical fabric and gauze weaving. Its advanced features ensure the production of high-quality textiles crucial for the medical industry.

For cotton fabric production, our air jet loom is the ideal choice. With the ability to handle various yarn types and thicknesses, it provides a dependable solution for producing high-quality cotton fabrics.

The high capacity of our air jet loom sets it apart, enabling the production of a wide range of fabrics – from high count dense and thin high-grade fabrics to coarse count high dense and thick fabrics. Equipped with electronic jacquard, dobby, and other opening systems, our loom seamlessly adapts to meet the diverse demands of modern textile production.

In conclusion, our air jet loom is a comprehensive solution for denim, weaving machinery, medical, cotton fabric, and medical gauze weaving industries. Its adaptability, precision, and high capacity make it a top choice for fulfilling the varied requirements of textile production in these sectors.




reed width

Nominal reed width(cm):170、190、210、230、260、280、300、340、360、380cm

Effective reed:(170~260cm) 0~60cm

from 170 to 260cm Nominal reed width reduce 0~60cm

0~80cm(280cm) 0~80cm

width more than 280cm, Nominal reed width reduce 0~80cm

Weaving range



Weft selection

Two color, four color, six color and continuous expansion function


Positioning and stopping by electromagnetic brake control

super start motor drive 2.2KW(crank shedding)、3.0KW(cam shedding)、3.7KW(dobby shedding )、6.5KW(acquard shedding)

Direct drive motor

Two hand operation of control buttons

Weft insertion

Maximum weft insertion rate: 2300m/min

Combination of main nozzle and auxiliary nozzle

Drafting nozzle

Profiled reed

Auxiliary main nozzle


Crank connecting rod shedding: 4 pcs heald frame or 6 pcs heald frame

Positive cam shedding:Up to 10 pcs heald frame

Dobby shedding: up to 16pcs heald frames

jacquard shedding

let off

negative loose warp or  Positive loose warp device

electronic let off

double warp beam

diameter of the beam flange:Φ800mm



take up

electronic take up

Standard density 25-300 picks/inch

Maximum roll cloth diameter: Φ 600mm (cam, dobby, jacquard shedding) Φ 520mm (crank shedding)

beating up

"U" shaped beating up shaft

Four-link beating-up (narrow width), six-link beating-up (wide width)

configure rocker shaft middle support

Length measurement and weft storage

Electronic weft feeder

weft stand

Floor type 4 barrels (2 nozzles), Floor type 8 barrels (4 nozzles), Floor type 10 barrels (6 nozzle)


Planetary gear type Selvage device

Yarn end treatment

Discarded take-up 2pcs drum-type

Weft cutting

Mechanical weft cutting device

electronic weft cutting device


Main transmission part oil bath type, manual centralized oil supply

Electric central oil supply

stop machine device

Weft yarn: photoelectric weft feeler, double probe

Warp yarn: Electrical contact six-row dropper

Others: selvage yarn, discarded edge yarn and automatic stop when the yarn is broken

stop reason: show the information on the display, multi-function 4-color light stop display


inverter to adjust speed.

Memory card function


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