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HW-8010-230cm New Model Water Jet Loom Design for Home Textile Weaving

1、More stable weaving.
2、Optimized weft beating range and weft beating angle to meet customers' various needs.
3、Meet the demand of various weft yarns
4、Efficient weft leading and water saving;
5、Energy saving and environmental protection, can save 20% of electricity.
6、Improve the rigidity of heald frame and extend the service life.
7、Precise size; Greatly improve the service life.
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  • HW-8010-230CM


1. Machine architecture:

1)The wall plate adopts one-piece large plate, special casting and processing technology, the structure is more stable; using imported large CNC special machine processing, in order to ensure the size accuracy and position accuracy;

2)Two reinforcement supports are adopted between the four beams of the loom, two reinforcement bars are added to the bottom plate of the front upper beam, and the fixed position of the front upper beam and the middle support is optimized to ensure that the loom maintains good stability in high-density and high-speed weaving.

2. Weft beating mechanism: The "U" type weft beating shaft with special treatment is adopted, and the "U" type weft beating claws are evenly arranged, so that the weft beating force is evenly distributed and the weft beating inertia in the middle is not too large; the weft beating counterweight balance system is increased, and the optimized weft beating dynamic range and weft beating angle can realize the installation of four consecutive weaves. We have five kinds of four-link and five kinds of six-link weft beating methods, which can meet the various needs of customers from thin to heavy and from narrow to wide weaving.

3. Nozzle part: The nozzle structure can choose both ordinary nozzle and "U" type nozzle, and the nozzle position can be adjusted independently according to different needs, with simple structure and convenient adjustment, which can meet the needs of various weft yarns, and is deeply loved by customers.

4. Pump part: the main body of the pump is made of high quality brass material and special forging technology; the combination of plunger, spring and one-way valve has accumulated nearly 30 years of experience of Haijia, which can ensure efficient weft drawing and save water at the same time.

5. Direct drive motor: simple structure, less wearing parts, energy saving and environmental protection, can save 20% of electricity.

6. Heald frame: Adopting high quality aluminum alloy material and unique cross-section structure, the rigidity of the heald frame is significantly improved, which can meet high speed operation and prolong service life.

7. Electronic warp feeding and electronic winding: the box is manufactured by imported flexible processing line, with precise dimensions; the worm gear adopts the process of copper covered iron, which greatly improves the service life of the worm gear.


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