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How to achieve simple and efficient textile equipment management?

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How to achieve simple and efficient textile equipment management?

Textile enterprises in the management of machinery is an important part of the normal operation of enterprises. With the increasingly fierce competition in the textile market, the further deepening of enterprise reform, machinery and equipment in the modern textile role has been particularly prominent, machinery and equipment management in the textile enterprises are also receiving more and more attention. Textile enterprises in the management of machinery and equipment, the correct analysis and solve the management process of various contradictory relationships, good management, good use, good maintenance, repair of textile machinery, to improve the level of enterprise equipment management and technical level, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market are of great practical significance.

Existing problems


Management institutions and systems are not perfect

Machinery and equipment management is a matter of the company's maintenance staff, the management department and the workshop are limited to individual business contacts, so that the blind streamlining of institutions, compression or even the abolition of equipment management institutions and managers, or its work functions into other departments and management. This will inevitably lead to a disconnect between the management and the operating level, who does not care about the situation, it is difficult to implement the equipment management work.

Some existing textile enterprises in order to facilitate management, often reduce the management links, and even the lack of a complete and strict machinery and equipment management system, the machinery and equipment ledger, the establishment of technical data files and other work has not been perfected, the management of the work without rules and regulations, management disorder, and some enterprises even after the purchase of new equipment, not in a timely manner or simply do not account, resulting in the management of quite passive, resulting in unnecessary waste The management is quite passive, resulting in unnecessary waste.


There is a disconnect between the use of new and old machinery and equipment

With the rapid development of high-tech, textile enterprises existing machinery and equipment has become too old, the overall technical condition of its machinery and equipment has entered the aging stage, most of the backward level, resulting in enterprises in part of the large project bidding and construction organization is limited, to a certain extent, restricting the development of enterprises.

In order to adapt to the current situation, textile enterprises do need to properly introduce some of the more advanced machinery and equipment at home and abroad, in order to improve the level of technology and equipment of enterprises. But some enterprises do not have their own business development needs, failure to scientifically formulate the development of machinery and equipment planning and acquisition plans, failure to correctly predict the introduction of machinery and equipment market prospects, resulting in the purchase of equipment can not meet the construction requirements of textile projects, new equipment such as into the "cold palace".


Maintenance of machinery and equipment is not scientific enough

Most of the current textile enterprises, although the implementation of the fixed person fixed machine system, that is, each operator fixed use of a mechanical equipment, but ignore the fixed maintenance system, there is no machinery and equipment maintenance rules and regulations clearly implemented to the individual. Because of this, operators are often just "package not to repair", maintenance personnel are also sloppy to deal with the matter, whenever the mechanical equipment failure, operators and maintenance personnel often shirk responsibility for each other. In this way, not only affect the output, quality, but also increase the maintenance costs, operating costs and reduce the service life of the equipment.

Enterprises in order to improve economic efficiency, often only pay attention to the output value and efficiency of the link, in the use of equipment management is manifested as "heavy with light management", in order to catch up with the schedule, to seize the progress, and not hesitate to spell equipment, resulting in mechanical equipment is often in overload conditions work, or with "sick" The result is that the machinery and equipment is seriously worn and aged.

Suggested solution


According to the mechanical management needs, sound management of the system and system

Enterprises should be based on the use of equipment, the establishment and improvement of machinery and equipment management institutions, the implementation of unified planning, dedicated personnel responsible for comprehensive and integrated management. Efforts to achieve the combination of professional management and mass management, clarify the responsibilities and authority of special management and group management personnel, and give full play to the enthusiasm of functional personnel at all levels.

Our company combined with the actual situation to develop a fixed machine, fixed person, fixed job responsibilities of the "three" system, so that each piece of machinery have a person responsible for storage, maintenance, operation. Because the "three" system is the basis of mechanized construction production and equipment management, its implementation will directly affect the productivity of enterprise labor, construction safety, mechanical integrity and utilization rate, so in addition to the implementation of the process should be equipped with the appropriate personnel, but also need to pay attention to not change their jobs at will, so as not to affect the mechanical equipment Performance of understanding and mastery degree.


Pay attention to the maintenance of machinery and equipment, into the assessment of rewards and punishments regulations

We know that the maintenance of machinery and equipment, maintenance, use of these three are interrelated, mutual conditions. Any equipment in the use of a longer period of time, there will be different degrees of failure, in order to reduce the failure rate, extend the service life of equipment, should be based on the use of machinery and equipment, closely with the construction production. According to the operation cycle of the equipment regularly do a good job of maintenance and repair work. Equipment management department in the development of maintenance and maintenance plan shall carefully analyze the specific circumstances of various types of equipment, for the different characteristics of new and old equipment, take different measures. For the old equipment, to ensure the operation, eliminate hidden problems, timely repair as the focus: for new equipment, to improve the technical level of personnel, strengthen maintenance as the focus, so as to effectively ensure the use of each piece of equipment performance and safe production.

Mechanical maintenance is implemented entirely by the responsibility of the staff. In this regard, the management of machinery and equipment is included in the enterprise assessment regulations, which is conducive to clarifying the work responsibilities and mobilizing the staff's passion for work. Each year should be organized to carry out mechanical equipment inspection and evaluation activities. Inspection and evaluation should be used from time to time random inspection, in order to prevent grass-roots units usually do not pay attention to equipment site management, inspection and then engage in a surprise response. The results of the inspection and evaluation should also be combined with the system of rewards and punishments, to reflect the principle of increasing production and saving with awards, losses and waste to be punished. In this way, not only effectively promote the enterprise's equipment management, but also to reduce the equipment failure rate, to ensure the normal production of enterprises.


Increase technical training, select excellent equipment management personnel

With the continuous development of modern science and technology, machinery and equipment is also constantly updated, its degree of automation will become higher and higher, and the technical content is becoming heavier and heavier. Therefore, enterprises want to fundamentally improve the professional and technical quality of all management and maintenance personnel, should take the "go out, invite in, centralized training" method, increase technical training, selection and training of a number of technical, management, calculating "a special multi-talent "type of talent to meet the future development needs of enterprises.

Enterprises can also focus on organizing equipment management seminars attended by equipment management, maintenance and operation personnel, so that everyone can pool their wisdom and ideas to form an atmosphere of learning technology and drilling business. According to the specific situation of construction, enterprises can also use special lectures, visits to study and other forms, timely promotion and publicity of effective experience, and gradually improve theoretical knowledge and practical skills of personnel at all levels of the enterprise.

Key point

1, pay attention to the quality of technical personnel to improve. Textile machinery and equipment maintenance is a professional technical work, improve the quality of technical personnel is imperative.

2, pay attention to the long-term operation and maintenance of equipment. Equipment maintenance should be used according to the instructions and operating period for reasonable operation and use, do not "sick" work.

3. Pay attention to the pre-testing and maintenance of equipment. Technical personnel should be in the equipment maintenance period, a detailed understanding of the operation of each element, in order to do a "rainy day".

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