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Shuttle Less Water Jet HW-3883 Shuttle Less Loom

Enhancements in the HW-3883 loom include reinforced wall panels and optimized waterproofing, ensuring seamless weft insertion and minimal vibrations during operation. The optional direct-drive motor boosts efficiency, while anti-corrosion treatments provide durability in humid conditions. Cost savings are achieved through simplified transmission. The updated design offers a sleeker appearance, complementing the improved waterproofing system that addresses splashing and drainage concerns.
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  • HW-3883

  • Haijia

  • 84463040

Product Advantages

Stable Frame:

The entire wall panel of the HW-3883 machine is designed and reinforced for increased waterproofing. The water pump cam section for reed protection has been redesigned to enhance waterproofing. The weft insertion section of the water pump has been repositioned, ensuring forceful and seamless weft insertion, ideal for broad machines and regular cloth weaving. The integrated left and right box-style wall panel minimizes vibration during operation. There are fewer adjustments required if the warp shaft uses a 914 pan head. Customers can simply utilize the 800 beam seat for their makeover needs.

Excellent Energy Efficiency:

The optional addition of a direct-drive motor to the main motor eliminates the need for a belt transmission component, reducing losses, and enhancing efficiency and labor savings.

Reliable Corrosion Protection:

The surface anti-corrosion method of the machine combines powder spraying with electrophoresis. The paint surface remains intact for an extended period and is well-suited for high-humidity weaving environments.


The transmission gear of the rolling part has been removed, and a large sprocket wheel now directly drives the rolling roller, reducing customer maintenance costs.

New Design:

The updated design offers customers a superior man-machine experience with a sleeker, more attractive loom shape, enhancing the workshop's overall image.

Enhanced Waterproofing:

The structure of the front and back water curtains has been re-optimized, effectively addressing splashing issues and improving waterproofing with smoother drainage.

maximum speed can reach 1000RPM.

The maximum weft density is 50 shuttles/cm (127 per inch) for 75D fabric for example.

Machine Specification

Water Jet Loom Configuration Table



reed width

Nominal reed width(cm)


Effective reed

Nominal reed width:0~65cm(≤230cm);0~85cm(>230cm)

Weft selection

1color、2 colors、3 colors、4 colors


Starting mode

Direct drive motor

super start motor drive

Motor capacity


running operation

One-hand operation button

Two-hand operation button

Weft insertion


single pump

double pump


Normal nozzle,'U'nozzle

Length measurement and weft storage

(FDP)Electronic Length Measurement (FDP)

(RDP)Mechanical length measurement


Crank  shedding: 4-piece type, 6-piece type

8-piece type

Positive cam shedding: 6, 8, 10 piece type

12,14 piece type

Active dobby: 16 piece type

let off

negative loose warp

Positive loose warp device

Left and right double bearing, 2-roll mode

Maximum tension


diameter of the beam flange



take up

Roll cloth diameter

maximum is 520MM

cloth roll path

S type, L type


Crank multi reed sley beating up mechanism, "U" shaped beating up shaft

Solid straight shaft beating up

4 linkage,6 linkage

Weft stand

Floor fixed type

2 barrels/color


Mechanical planetary mode

Yarn end treatment

Spindle false twisting method

Weft cutting

Mechanical scissors for weft cutting


Suction mode of micro slit tube (electric water suction motor), buoyancy air-water separator

Water absorbing strip


Optical fiber type


Photoelectric type

Touch screen, control preparation, start, stop, inching and reverse inching

It can display output, speed, efficiency, shutdown times, etc

The four-color indicator light indicates the reason for stopping

Variable inverter/variable speed device

Automation and labor saving

Automatic water replenishment valve, automatic centralized refueling

Variable frequency speed regulation


1. Question: What speed can a water jet loom reach?
Answer: The rotational speed of a loom is related to factors such as reed width, fabric type, and yarn specification. Our 8010 model is designed to rotate at a maximum speed of 1200 rpm, but may vary slightly depending on the type of fabric.

2. Question: What is the power consumption of a water jet loom?
Answer: The power consumption of water jet looms is related to the appropriate motor power, typically between 2.2 kw and 4.5 kw. Users can choose to install a motorized spindle, which saves 20% - 25% more power than ordinary asynchronous motors.

3. Question: How much water does a water jet loom consume per day?
Answer: The water consumption of a water jet loom is related to the loom speed, operating efficiency, and the warp and weft density of the fabric. Generally speaking, the average daily water consumption in 24 hours is 3-5 tons. A water jet loom with a water circulation treatment system can achieve 100% water recycling.

4. Question: What kinds of fabric water jet looms can made?
Answer: Water jet looms are widely used in the field of chemical fiber, common high-density products such as clothing fabrics, home textile products, spandex fabrics, shade fabrics, luggage fabrics, lining cloth, and fluffy fabrics can be woven using water jet looms.

5. Question: What is the price?
Answer: We have developed 3 different series of water jet looms, with prices ranging from 9000 $to 30000 $. According to the fabric density of the user, we recommend the appropriate model to you.

6. Question: How long has your company been making machines?
Answer:Since its establishment in 1995, Haijia has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of water jet looms and air jet looms for 30 years, delivering 140,000 machines to 23 countries and regions worldwide, with a market share ranking first in the industry for ten consecutive years.

7. Question: How long is Haijia machine's service life?
Answer:Haijia Looms are manufactured using the industry's top processing equipment and has the industry's most advanced electrophoretic spraying process. The machine's anti-corrosion and rust prevention capabilities have been greatly improved, and its service life is 2-3 times longer than that of other brands. Currently, the date of production of the operating machine on the market can be traced back to 2010.

8. Question: How long is the warranty of the machine?
Answer:The industry standard warranty period is one year, and the warranty time of export machine will be appropriately extended for 2-3 months based on the voyage time.

9. Question: How is the after-sales service?
Answer:At present, Haijia has 30 after-sales service staff. We have set up five service centers in the world, including India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Turkey and Indonesia. You can choose the nearest service center for help. We can provide 24-hour service for any problem with the machine.

10. Question:Is there any discount?
Answer:The top three textile head enterprises in each country are using Haijia brand looms. In order to facilitate a better development of the market, we will provide the top two users of each new market with the maximum discounts. Looking forward to working with you.


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