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HW-6008 2 Nozzle 2 Pump Series Water Jet Loom

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  • HW-6008

The design of the frame structure, weft beating mechanism, and opening device are optimized by using the integrated wall plate, resulting in a water jet loom with a Versatile Design. This innovative design enhances the loom's adaptability, making it suitable for a wide range of fabrics, including twisted chiffon, nylon, and four-sided elastic materials.

Furthermore, the optimized design of the weft guiding system not only improves the efficiency of weft guiding but also enables High Weaving Speed, making it ideal for high-speed weft guiding applications. The loom can achieve a remarkable maximum speed of up to 1200 RPM, ensuring rapid and efficient production.

In addition, the adoption of a 'U' type weft beating shaft and a special weft beating balance system enhances Precision Weaving. Multiple reinforced support seats and a centralized lubrication system are incorporated to increase the weft beating force, improve the durability of the weft beating shaft, and extend the overall service life of the loom.

With this water jet loom, you can explore a wide range of weaving possibilities and create Diverse Weaving Styles. Its lower center of gravity and improved design structure of the warp position line and eccentric rocking shaft enhance the overall operability of the loom.

In summary, our water jet loom offers a Versatile Design, Precision Weaving, High Weaving Speed, and the capability to create a variety of Diverse Weaving Styles. It's a user-friendly and high-quality solution for textile manufacturers seeking efficiency and innovation in their weaving processes.

Water Jet Loom Configuration Table



reed width

Nominal reed width(cm)


Effective reed

Nominal reed width:0~65cm(≤230cm);0~85cm(>230cm)

Weft selection

1color、2 colors、3 colors、4 colors


Starting mode

Direct drive motor

super start motor drive

Motor capacity


running operation

One-hand operation button

Two-hand operation button

Weft insertion


single pump

double pump


Normal nozzle,'U'nozzle

Length measurement and weft storage

(FDP)Electronic Length Measurement (FDP)

(RDP)Mechanical length measurement


Crank  shedding: 4-piece type, 6-piece type

8-piece type

Positive cam shedding: 6, 8, 10 piece type

12,14 piece type

Active dobby: 16 piece type

let off

negative loose warp

Positive loose warp device

Left and right double bearing, 2-roll mode

Maximum tension


diameter of the beam flange



take up

Roll cloth diameter

maximum is 520MM

cloth roll path

S type, L type


Crank multi reed sley beating up mechanism, "U" shaped beating up shaft

Solid straight shaft beating up

4 linkage,6 linkage

Weft stand

Floor fixed type

2 barrels/color


Mechanical planetary mode

Yarn end treatment

Spindle false twisting method

Weft cutting

Mechanical scissors for weft cutting


Suction mode of micro slit tube (electric water suction motor), buoyancy air-water separator

Water absorbing strip


Optical fiber type


Photoelectric type

Touch screen, control preparation, start, stop, inching and reverse inching

It can display output, speed, efficiency, shutdown times, etc

The four-color indicator light indicates the reason for stopping

Variable inverter/variable speed device

Automation and labor saving

Automatic water replenishment valve, automatic centralized refueling

Variable frequency speed regulation


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