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Troubleshooting and solution of opening device and weft insertion part

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Troubleshooting and solution of opening device and weft insertion part

Troubleshooting and solution of opening device 

and weft insertion part 

Opening device:

The cleaning cycle of the loom in use is 20-25 days each time, and the lithium grease filling cycle is 20-25 days each time, and ensure that the old oil can be extruded.

the problem that often occurs in the opening part is that the water jet penetrates the oil seal to damage the bearing, and the bolt and nut loosen and wear the fitting. Solution: Strictly abide by the refueling cycle. When a roll of pan head is woven, it should be thoroughly cleaned, and the tightening of bolts and nuts should be fully checked to avoid machine damage during weaving. This highlights the importance of inspection and maintenance at the end of the machine!

Remark: Dobby and cam belt is checked every 30 days and corrected flat flame degree.


The weft insertion part:

The weft insertion part (part 09) 09BC-01S water storage tank(barrel) ensures that there is no leakage or overflow during use, and it is cleaned for 7 days/ time.

Frequent problems in weft insertion:

  1.  pump spring breaks and works badly. Solution: Adjust the compression pump spring frequently and ensure that the "PH value" of the pump spring is not too small, the shown in the following figure.

  2. Check valve is worn and damaged. Solution: Customers need to improve water quality, and pay attention to clean and standard operation when disassembling and installing.

  3. Cam rotor often lose oil and wear, strictly abide by the refueling cycle!

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