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How to operate a air jet loom better and maintain the electric equipments of air jet loom

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How to operate a air jet loom better and maintain the electric equipments of air jet loom

How to operate a air jet loom better and maintain the electric equipments of air jet loom

cotton fabric

1-How to operate air jet loom better?

① The original yarn is dry, the yarn defects are as few as possible, the original yarn strength is good, the strength is uneven is low, and the weak ring is less;

② Electronic yarn cleaner and air twister are used in the bobbin process, and the fixed length of the bobbin should be uniform;

③ The warping tension is uniform, the yarn is evenly arranged, the warp shaft is smooth, and the hardness is appropriate;

④ Reasonable sizing formula and sizing process should be selected during sizing, the elongation, moisture return and sizing rate of sizing should be appropriate, and the pulp shaft should not be sticky, combined, twisted and light sizing;

⑤ When the reed is joined, the warp splitting should be good to prevent the phenomenon of skein;

⑥ Reasonable weaving process is adopted, and the weft channel can not be blocked by flying flowers to reduce the warp and weft stop;

⑦ Do the maintenance and repair of the loom and refueling work to ensure the normal operation of the loom;

⑧ Each process should ensure the smooth and clean of the warp channel, there can be no flying obstruction, and the warp channel can not be damaged;

⑨ Ensure the cleanliness of high pressure air, no debris, no oil and water, moderate pressure;

⑩ The air conditioning of the workshop should ensure that the temperature and humidity are suitable for weaving requirements.


2-How to maintain the electrical equipment of air jet loom? 

High degree of mechanical and electrical integration, lots of control circuit boards, higher price. Because of the workshop environment often have high temperature, humid air, heavy dust, so the daily maintenance of the circuit board is particularly important.

 The circuit board in the electric control box is concentrated, needing regularly clean, generally do not use air blowing, in order to prevent sands flying into the tips of the AC contactor, affecting its work. The door of the electric control box should be sealed as far as possible, Prevent the entry of flying dust. When replacing the circuit board, if the temperature difference is large, the circuit board should be preheated, which is particularly important in winter, and during winter holidays, turn off the loom as much as possible and don't turn off the power supply. There is necessary need of dehumidification in the workshop, and please pay attention to the voltage instability when driving will cause damage to the circuit board.

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