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Water jet loom pening process parameter adjustment

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Water jet loom pening process parameter adjustment

Water jet loom pening process parameter adjustment

1-What effect does the size of the opening have on the weaving?

① A large amount of openings can cause warp yarns to be subjected to high tension in the heald area, which can easily cause warp yarn breakage;

②Increase the opening volume can reduce the warp feather adhesion, good tautness, clear warp opening and reduced weft stop;

③Increase the amount of opening, weft beating performance is good, conducive to the formation of weft and fabric;

④The opening amount is too small, weft yarn in and out of the weaving mouth are to be blocked, easy to produce weft stop and weft shrinkage, off weft, double weft and other defects.

2-What is the effect of the opening time on the weaving?

In general, early opening time, can improve the weft population at the opening of the warp yarn poor, and can improve the style of the fabric, can make the weft good, but because the warp yarn opening early, closing also early, therefore, the arrival time of the weft yarn shortened, so, easy to produce weft shrinkage, off weft and other defects, need to improve air pressure, in 2/1, 3/1 and other fabrics are weaving, opening time if too late, may be in the reed In 2/1, 3/1, etc., if the opening time is too late, the reed may be cracked in the air guide part of the fabric, which needs to be considered.

3-How to choose the opening time?

The opening time of the three original fabrics is selected with the following reference:

4-What should I pay attention to when setting the opening volume?

① The opening volume should be small in order to meet the requirements of the weft drawing-in process;

②The more the number of heald frames, the greater the difference in tension between the front and rear heald warp yarns, it is appropriate to use a semi-clear weaving mouth, so that the incremental increase in the opening volume between heald pieces is reduced;

③The opening volume should be smaller for thin fabrics and larger for thick and dense fabrics;

④ When using a large opening volume, the warp tension should be reduced appropriately; when using a small opening volume, the warp tension should be increased appropriately.


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