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Resolution for take-up part problems

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Resolution for take-up part problems

Resolution for take-up part problems

Problems that may occur in the take-up part

1.The take-up chain is broken. 


A. Adjust the pressure of 24CA-71 chain and tension link;

B.Check if the 24CA-27Y auto-rotating wheel is normal or reverse;

2. The stripper off. 

Solution to the problem: ensure that the water suction fan works well and keep the tripper dry. Regularly check whether the beginning and end of the stripper are well sealed. The machine uses a fine brush to clean the slurry on the tripper. Too big to prevent the rollers from peeling off the rubber prickles; The warp yarn binding joint should not be too large when it is on the machine, so as to prevent the roller from peeling off the rubber burr.

3. Bearing oil loss and wear at the bearing shell, causing fabric defects.

  Solution: The grease nipple strictly abides by the period required by the maintenance manual, and the lithium base grease is added every month.

4. Winding clutch failure. Solution:

A. Regularly overhaul the clutch pedal and run it well with good lubrication.

B. Periodically add gear oil to lubricate the clutch gear and clutch pedal connecting rod.


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